Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Ahh. Klipsch. The first “expensive” pair of headphones I bought were the Kilpsch R6i. Listening to those lows changed my world. I’ve had a soft spot for Klipsch ever since. So, I was pumped to finally get the opportunity to try out their top of the line in-ear model, the X20i. Let’s see how they sound in this Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review.

Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

IN the BOX 

Leather carrying case

Tie bar

Five different sized ear tips

One year warranty


The Klipsch fit is pretty unique; it has oval-shaped tips. And the buds on this particular model went so deep into my ear canals that I could taste them. Tastes like chicken. But it feels secure and the sound isolation is on par with brands like Shure. The cable seems super durable and well insulated, and it really adds to the high quality feel of the design. Although the cable isn’t detachable, it does come with a mic and remote.

SOUND – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review


Klipsch’s lows never disappoint. Warm and generous, this frequency range makes for a luxurious listen. The bass has great power and plenty of grip. Pop sounds super punchy, and the bass gets subby enough to do justice to hip-hop as well. The low end also gives rock songs a beefy quality that’s oh so tasty.


The midrange is there, but it’s not completely even. Vocals still sit a little forward, and it feels like the low mids are being driven by the bass frequencies a bit.  Although I can’t call the sound hollow, there does seem to be a slight curve.  Anyway, given how rich the lower frequencies are, I was impressed by how well separated the more delicate instruments, like acoustic guitars, sounded in the lower-mids. So, there’s plenty of clarity and resolve to make folk music a suitable genre for these buds as well.


Listening to strings, there was a nice amount nuance in texture and vibrato, but the sound still retained a smooth and rich profile that gave the instruments a flowing and romantic feel. 


For an in-ear headphone, X20i shows an impressive amount of dimension and accuracy in terms of placement. Every audiophile loves the feeling of being surrounded by a constellation of instruments. And that was certainly the case here.

SUMMARY – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Rich lows, expansive mids and fluid highs. These are reference earphones that will also give you a lot of listening enjoyment. The $500 range is a tough one in the IEM world, and I can only think of a few (like the Westone W40) that warrant the price tag. The Klipsch X20i is one of them.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphone Review

Frequency range: 5Hz – 40kHz

Sensitivity: 11dB

Impedance: 50 Ohms

Noise isolation: 26dB

Weight: 22 grams

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