Mavin Air-X Touts 10 Hour Battery Life, 50 Hours with Case

Mavin Air-X Truly Wireless Earbuds

Could it be…? The answer to our truly wireless prayers… A set of TWS buds that last longer than two rides on a subway train? Alas, it may be. Meet Mavin Air-X.

Mavin Air-X Touts 10 Hour Battery Life, 50 Hours with Case

Per a press release launched via DigiTimes, a new wireless solution and possibly alpha pair of truly wireless buds will be in our midst. Mavin Technology, announced as of Tuesday, their latest musing, the Mavin Air-X, holds an astonishing 10 hours of battery life and can gain 50 hours with the portable charging case. It’s also equipped to quick charge in 10 minutes and provide an additional hour of playtime. This innovative piece of tech comes to us from an award-winning team having received the German iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the CES Innovation Product Design Award.

The buds were made in collaboration with Qualcomm International Ltd. and will feature Qualcomm low-power Bluetooth Audio SoC which supports Bluetooth 5 and, Qualcomm atpX audio technology. Air-X also features voice assistant (Siri, Google), Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology and built-in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation, Air-XN model only) which translates to really good connectivity, transmission of signal, and quality of audio. How so? Mavin has created a patented antenna that “provides a long and wide-range signal reception to enable highly reliable wireless connection from pocket to ear and ear to ear.”

“We are pleased to have worked so closely with Mavin to help them integrate our latest low-power Bluetooth audio SoC into their Air-X earbuds, said Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. “This breakthrough platform combines Qualcomm… to help meet increasing consumer demand for superior audio quality while also supporting significantly extended battery life and playback time.”

As for build, Mavin’s ravishing red earbuds are also designed with an ergonomic stabilizer and ear tips to better secure Air-X into your ears. The buds should also be quite comfortable as they weigh a mere 4.5g per earbud.

Mavin Technology is debuting Mavin Air-X truly wireless earbuds at Computex 2018 in Taipei. The computer based convention runs from June 5-9. I’m hoping to learn more information about this promising earbud since at the moment Mavin’s website is “unavailable.” Updates on price and availability to come.

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