Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones Review

Neckband earphones may not be the sexiest look on the planet, but they certainly serve a purpose. And in general, I often recommend Klipsch earbuds to folks who have trouble with finding a secure fit. Now, Klipsch has released a neckband model of its latest T5 series. What can you expect in terms of sound and design? Let’s take a look in this Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones Review. 

Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones Review

IN the BOX

Klipsch T5 Neckband Earphones

Micro-USB to USB charging cable

Three different sized eartips, including double flange


Many people love Klipsch because of their eartip design. Unlike most earbud tips, the ones on Klipsch models have an oval shape. So, most people will find that the earbuds sit further in the ear, providing a more secure fit with better sound isolation. And if you happen to have freakishly shaped ear canals, Klipsch is a great brand to try.

The neckband is also extremely light. In fact, I was looking around the office for them for about 20 minutes before realizing that they were still around my neck. So, as far as neckbands go, it may be the least obtrusive model I’ve tried. And of course, the neckband also serves to stabilize the earphones when you’re on the move. Also, Klipsch never falls short in terms of luxury. And they’ve designed the neckband with genuine leather. Smells better than pleather. And it feels smooth against the skin.


Controls and Functionality

The T5 offers the standard functionality, which is controlled by three buttons on the neckband. The buttons control functions such as, play/pause, track skipping and call activation.


You’ll get 15 hours of battery life from the T5, which is the longest playtime I’ve seen from earbuds with this design. Sennheiser wireless neckband models, for example, only offer about 10 hours of usage.

The T5 employs a micro-USB connection for charging. And of course, the cable is included in the box.

Calls and Microphone Clarity

Here’s a cool feature. When you’re getting a call, the neckband vibrates. So, for a good time, ask everyone in your contact list to give you a ring. And say it’s urgent. But if at the end of the day, you’ve had enough, this function can be turned off. 

As for call clarity, the transmission was good. My colleague on the other end of the line said my voice was transparent, but there wasn’t much isolation from surrounding noise. So, best to pop into a bathroom stall for that job interview.

Bluetooth and Supported Codecs

The T5 Neckband supports Bluetooth 5, which is the latest Bluetooth model. And compared to Bluetooth 4, you should experience fewer dropped signals and better transmission overall.

The T5 also supports the most popular high-res codecs, namely, aptX for Android and AAC for iPhone users.


Although these earbuds don’t come with a carrying case, they’re easily malleable. And while they may not fit in your pocket, you should have no problem throwing them into your fanny pack after a run.

Sweat Resistance

Klipsch has advertised the T5 as being sweat resistant. That being said, there’s no IPX waterproof rating. So, no showering with these buds.

Extra Features

Klipsch also advertises these earbuds as having an accompanying app, which gives you control over equalizer settings and allows you to upgrade firmware. But this app has yet to become available.



In classic Klipsch fashion the T5 displays deep and juicy lows, lending a thick and punchy feel to pop tracks, and adding plenty of warmth to rock and pop-rock tracks. And in general, the sound signature falls on the darker side. So, if you have an aversion to bass, it’s best to keep looking. But if you’re a sucker for a lush and meaty sound, these earbuds are perfect. At the same time, listening to string instruments in this range, there wasn’t a tremendous amount of detail. And double bass plucks felt a bit too heavy and bloated. So, these earbuds may not be ideal for classical and jazz music. But on the flip side, the presentation has an easy, honey-like smoothness that’s still very pleasing to the ears.


You’ll hear a present a well balanced midrange. The upper mids avoid overemphasis, so you won’t experience any harshness. And the low mids are given fair attention. As a result, rock, pop-rock and electronica tracks will have an expansive, weighty and full-bodied feel. And separation is good, even in the lower midrange, which is rare for wireless earbuds at this price point. Again, the transparency isn’t mind blowing, so if you’re a stickler for detail, you might feel that clarity is a little lacking. But unless you’re doing serious critical listening on your commute to work, the T5’s performance should be more than sufficient.


The earbuds aren’t for listeners who like particularly bright and sparkly high-end. And for some, the highest peaks may feel a little blunted. That being said, for those who are easily fatigued by high frequencies, this sound profile is ideal. (Miles Davis’ trumpet may still pierce your ears out). And listening to violin solos in this range, the T5 displayed a relatively textured and nuanced instrument.


An impressive soundstage for the price. Though the soundstage isn’t incredibly spacious, the imaging feels precise. Gradations in height and depth were very apparent. And especially when you’re listening to complicated arrangements with scattered instrument placement, the experience feels quite colorful and multidimensional.


There’s no question that the T5 Neckband Earphones are a solid, well-built product. Given that the T5 is water resistant, and the eartips provide a secure seal, this model is also suitable for sports. The battery life is excellent as well. However, if you tend to lean toward sound profiles that are clean and crisp, this may not be the headphone for you. But if you appreciate a fleshy, weighty sound signature, you’re going to love these earbuds.

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