Lavanda Lune ANC True Wireless Earphone Review

We’ve checked out a lot of smaller true wireless brands that make their way onto Amazon. Although a lot of these models can be affordable and simple to use, they can be hit or miss in sound quality. The Lavanda Lune tells a different story. This true wireless is part of an Indiegogo campaign that is currently active and still taking backers. To get a pair, you can back the project for only $79. These earphones aim to bring you a great sound for your active lifestyle. Workout earbuds that won’t sacrifice fidelity for stability. The Lavanda Lune wants to be the whole true wireless package. Do they succeed in that endeavor? 


What You Get

  • 1 Charging case
  • 2x Earbuds
  • 6x tips
  • 1x type C cable

In hand

Look and Feel 

When I first opened the charging case, the earbuds revealed themselves to be quite the eye-catcher. They aren’t outwardly fancy, but they sport a clean solid black body with a glossy finish on the touch interface. The most unique part about this design is the crescent-shaped blue LEDs that light up outlining the top of the earphone. This creates a cool, futuristic aesthetic that looks great on a true wireless. The housing is an egg-shaped design that combined with the extra bump on the stem, creates an ergonomic fit that stayed secure in my ear. If you’re listening for a while it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing them. However, as workout earbuds, I would have liked to see wingfins or something more added to the Lune that insures that extra security. 

ear pieces

Design and Functionality

There’s a surprising amount of inner components to dissect in the Lavanda Lune. This true wireless houses a 9.2mm driver, with a combination of PU and cashmere composite diaphragms. It’s a solid size that ensures a more dynamic sound for its price range. For water and dirt resistance the Lune has an IP66 rating. It’s not the max rating, but should be suitable for protection against sweat. Both earphones have touch-sensitive controls that are not only really responsive, but the surface actually grips your finger a bit to ensure your taping is read correctly. Using the left bud to cycle through noise-cancellation and transparency mode was seamless, and playback and call controls had no delay. 


Along with the -35dB of active noise-cancelation, the Lune also features a transparency mode that makes ambient sounds more audible, so you can be more cautious of your environment. The effectiveness of the noise-cancelation is adequate for a true wireless, while not featuring the strongest cancelation it gets the job done. The Lune achieves these features by implementing 4 different microphones, 2 upfront and two on the rear. They help detect the outside sounds for more accurate cancelation, or for a more suitable environmental presence depending on which feature you’re using. Sometimes too much noise canceling can have a negative effect on sound quality, but Lavanda looks to eliminate that by implementing a sound quality compensation algorithm. 


The Lavanda Lune supports Bluetooth 5.0 and uses an Airoha 1552A chipset. This gives the Lune a range of up to 10 meters. 

Battery Life

You’ll get 5 hours off of a single charge when in ANC mode and 9 hours with noise-canceling turned off. The charging case offers 4 additional charges, and only take 1-2 hours to complete a charge. This isn’t the most substantial battery for a true wireless, especially considering 5 hour ANC is a little on the short side. However, they should definitely be enough to get you through a workout or work commute. 

earphones separated


It’s no secret that true wireless systems don’t always feature the best soundstages. That’s why the Lavanda Lune shocked me. Honest to God, this is one of the best stages currently available on a true wireless system. The separation and spatial imaging is wide and accurate, creating a stereo field where you can almost feel the space between elements. Percussion instruments have a large spread, with cymbals dancing around your headspace and low-end drums pooling around your throat. The imaging made performances feel so alive, all while reproducing the signal with exceptional clarity.

Low End 

This bass is smooth like butter and isn’t afraid to really dive deep. For workout earphones, this is where the sound signature is really going to matter, and while they may not house the punchiest frequencies, the timbre of the lows still make a big impact. The track “Senses” by New Order provided this dark, smooth vibration that really crawls up your throat, creating an engaging sub-bass feel. 


Not as big as the lows, but evenly balanced for a tighter, more flat response. I wouldn’t go around using these earphones for reference, but the mids definitely have some identifiable crispness to them, especially in the upper and lower mids. The mid bands get some much stronger emphasis here, and it creates a more colorful sound spectrum that highlights some nice details like acoustic guitar buzz and vocal strains. 


There’s some awesome crispness in the treble. It stays effective while having this sparkly coloration that sweetened the timbre to a more lush tonality. If you’re not a fan of brightness do not fret. The highs never come too forward, adding just enough lift to balance the sound signature with top end, but not enough to the degree og being too detailed. Towards the upper highs, things start to thin out. This isn’t to the detriment of the overall fidelity though. Instead, it’s more like the finishing touches of what is a wonderfully complete aural response.


I’ve come not to expect much from true wireless, aside from the more expensive brands that have access to the technology, but when I kept listening to the Lavanda Lune I couldn’t help but start to question those assumptions. I’ve been surprised by true wireless systems before, but the Lune takes the cake. This is one of the most enjoyable timbres you can find on a true wireless, and for the $79 price point, it’s a no brainer for me. 

Pros and Cons 

Pros: Sound quality, design, fit, functionality

Cons: Average battery life

You can find the Lavanda Lune ANC Earphone on their Indiegogo page.

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