Level Up Your Gaming Experience with the Top Gaming Headsets of 2024

Visuals are only part of the experience for games. Sound plays more of a part in your immersion than you might think, so having a good pair of gaming headphones will play more of a factor in your enjoyment. There are tons of options out there to choose from, even ones from known brands. However, that doesn’t always mean they offer the best sound quality. Here is a short list of what I would consider some of the best-sounding gaming headsets on the market right now.

Audeze Maxwell

Even though Audeze is now part of Sony Interactive, the Maxwell still has all the sonic characteristics that make their headphones so special. Their planar headphones have been a favorite amongst audiophiles, and they successfully translate that quality to a gaming headset. It’s one of the most expressively detailed gaming headsets around, balancing its powerful bass with crisp highs that reveal the layers of each sound effect and musical note so precisely.

You can also listen to the Maxwell in the spatial audio format of your choice, whether that be Dolby Atmos or Sony’s Tempest 3D audio. This makes the Maxwell sound like one of the most expansive headphones on the market, immersing you in your games like you never have before. There are different versions of the Maxwell depending on your preferred game console, but I highly recommend the Maxwell for the PC so you can download the Audeze HQ gaming app that gives you access to the EQ so you can personalize your experience even further.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Pro

The MMX 300 Pro is one of the most recent gaming headsets to launch, and it earns the “pro” in its name. Everything about the MMX 300 Pro’s sound reminds me of their rich and reliable studio headphones. It’s more of a natural sound compared to most other gaming headphones, especially next to the previously mentioned Maxwell. The MMX 300 Pro cares more for accuracy and natural details, acting like a robust studio headphone. You can still expect some compelling bass qualities though, with a tonal balance that never results in disorganization. With its clear, studio-like response, the MMX 300 Pro is able to take your game audio and place the dialogue, effects, and music on an equal playing field. On top of this is one of the best onboard mics on a gaming headset, giving your voice some of the best clarity.

Sony PlayStation Pulse Elite

This is the first Sony PlayStation over-ear gaming headphone to implement a planar driver, and the results are quite impressive. Paring it with the PS5 brings out its best qualities, such as 3D Audio. The imaging and soundstage are at their best here, successfully wrapping your head around the ambiance and music of the game world you’re in. There’s a lot more controlled bass here too compared to most other Sony headphones, maintaining stacks of frequencies that don’t bleed into each other. In terms of usability, the Pulse Elite also features multipoint Bluetooth and a lightweight design for one of the most surprisingly inexpensive picks on this list.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xSTS

One of the most famous headphones regardless of application is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Whether you’re a creator or a music lover the M50x is one of the best decisions you can make on an entry-level headphone. It doesn’t take much thought to see way a gaming version of this headphone would be so compelling. Like the MMX 300 Pro, the M50x is a simple wired headphone that relies on its studio-level sound to make your game audio feel like a complete experience. Making the M50x a gaming headset is as simple as attaching a microphone to it and terminating it to USB-A with a Type C adapter. It almost sells itself at this point.

Audio-Technica ATH-GL3

If you’re not as into the sound of the M50x, Audio-Technica has another headset that is more catered to gaming. The GL3 has a ton of character. It’s wide, dynamic, and detailed with its high and low frequencies. Your music and sound effects should sound very individualized and out of the background. Add onto that some dimensional imaging, a detachable mic, and an inexpensive price point giving you a solid choice for a gaming headphone.

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