Linner Earbuds Are Active Noise Cancelling Enabled

Linner Earbuds

Active noise cancelling headphones have entered the wave of small, compact, and lightweight designs. Here’s newcomer Linner earbuds.

Linner Earbuds Are Active Noise Cancelling Enabled

Establishing themselves as the world’s lightest active-noise-cancelling (ANC) earbud unit, Linner weighs in at 19 grams. Side-by-side comparisons reveal Linner is in fact much more compact than better known brands. With a build barely larger than a quarter and outweighing the competition (BOSE, Harmon/Kardon, Audio-Technica) from 19-29 grams, it is fair to say these buds are the way to go in portability.

When it comes to noise cancelling technology Linner is just as efficient. Each earbud houses a microphone that picks up ambient noise. Technology inside of each ear piece creates an inverse signal which in turn cancels the ambient noise out. Linner is able to cancel out up to 95 percent of ambient noise, very impressive.

The housing itself is quite polished featuring a shiny metal cut reminiscent of Bang & Olufsen – available in either white/gold or black/navy blue. Linner has provided fancy ear hooks that look chic, rather than sporty like those offered with the Jaybird X2s. Being a wired design, the buds feature an in-line mic and controller that is lighter than their better known competition.

To boot, the earbuds are sold as either a 3.5mm jack or Lightning jack option. The Lightning jack draws power from compatible devices thus saving the user from carrying pesky power cords.

Linner is currently available for purchase through their Kickstarter campaign. The California based company is looking to reach a goal of $30,000 by October 7. Linner earbuds regular and Lightning can be snagged at the Super Early Bird price of $69 and $89, respectively, before it hits the market at a suggested retail price of $109 and $129. Linner earbuds will ship to backers in February 2017.