M4 Earphones Designed for Musicians

M4 Earphones

These earbuds are fashioned to deliver clear and quality music, including more instruments and vocals. Meet M4 Earphones.

M4 Earphones Designed for Musicians

These earbuds provide balanced audio in a frame that looks like they are built to last a lifetime.The M4s feature an aluminum chassis that is both lightweight and durable. The vented design should keep the audio from sounding compressed, but more open. The earbud cable is braided to keep the wire from tangling while an attached in-line mic and controller is both iOS and Android compatible. It can be used to skip back and forth between tracks, adjust the volume, and take calls.

The M4s are shipped with 10 different size tips to ensure a relaxed and comfortable fit for all wearers. Within those 10 pairs of tips is a set of Comply foam tips of the TX-400 Medium make. These memory foam tips are able to be molded between your fingers to take better shape to the inside of your ears and thus provide better sound isolation than silicone. The remaining ear tips include 3 pairs of black dual-flange tips, 3 pairs of black silicone tips, 3 pairs of white silicone tips, and one premium carrying pouch.

Fashioned to provide artists with a supreme listening experience, the M4s were created with a custom-tuned single dynamic driver. This driver enables listeners to hear an emphasized mid-range which brings out details in music. The bass is said to be controlled, natural, and deep – not muddy – and with minimal bleeding. The M4s also supply relaxed treble. For those interested in the specs, the M4s reach a frequency response between 20-20,000 Hertz.

The M4s were initially a prototype brought to life by ADV.Sound via a Kickstarter campaign. Over 1000 backers pledged $56,654 to bring M4 Earphones to the market. Those interested in snagging a pair should head over to ADV.Sound and sign up to be notified when these babies will be back in stock. I’m guessing they sold out after the price was dropped from $99.99 to $39.99. What a steal!

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