Super Bro Headphones for That Audio-Bro in Your Life

Super Bro Headphones

Bros. They’re loud, slightly to super obnoxious – mainly super obnoxious – and love to party. For the aforementioned reasons, the following headphones would make a great fit for that special bro in your life. Here’s our list of Super Bro Headphones.

Super Bro Headphones for That Audio-Bro in Your Life

Zungle Inc. – Zungle Panther

Zungle Panther Super Bro Headphones

This is for the bros who want to discreetly play music with the ability to keep their gel-spiked hair intact. Too bad you won’t hear be able to hear the bros music as it vibrates his inner ear and plays the music inside his head. However, you will still hear his “Woo, Yeahs!” anytime the bass drops. No bro goes anywhere without a pair of sunglasses straight out of a frat house. In that case, these bone conduction sunglasses are perfect. They come in a number of different, interchangeable lenses to match any number of bruh tanks hanging in homie’s closet. Zungle Panther completed their Kickstarter campaign on July 16. The company raised over $1.9 million through crowd funding while selling the sunglasses at a discounted rate. The current suggested retail price is $150. You can expect to see bros everywhere in Zungle Panther sunglasses starting November.

Cynaps Bone Conduction Baseball Cap


Another prototype turned product is Cynaps – a bone conduction cap. This is perfect for bros who prefer an ensemble comprised of a Rugby shirt and baseball cap worn backwards, ew! Cynaps is wireless and features touch controls under the bill. This ultra-portable headset allows bros to free up their hands for double fist pumps or double fist brewskis at a low cost of $59.

Monster 24K

Monster Super Bro Headphones

These headphones are massive, so what better to fit the ego of that bro in your life than larger-than-life cans. Moreover, bruhs love the chance to stand out and they definitely can get the job done in Monster’s 24K Gold headphones, as seen on Empire’s Bryshere Y. Gray. The 24K over-ear cans are also available in rose gold and can be purchased from for $299.95.

Beats by Dr. Dre – Beats Solo 2Beats Solo 2 Super Bro Headphones

Besides the fact that they are super trendy and everyone and their mom – literally everyone and their mom – has a pair of Beats, these headphones make our Bro Headphones list thanks to their plethora of celebrity endorsements. The headphones have decent audio quality, but deliver “epic” quality bass which you can dutifully note every time you hear yet another “Woo, yeah!” from your special bro-friend. These bass-heavy babies will run you about $199.95, but I have a feeling due to their widespread popularity you already knew that.

SOL Republic V10

SOL Republic Super Bro Headphones

Another big name known for corralling all the glorified bros to the yard is SOL Republic. The brand made its mark with the ability to completely personalize the headphones with interchangeable ear cups and an interchangeable/indestructible headband. The following celebruhties have endorsed SOL: Steve Aoki, Lil John, Michael Phelps, and most recently King Bro Calvin Harris. So, there you have it, basic proof that these cans are always bro ready!

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