New Release MEE Audio M7 Pro Hybrid Dual-Driver IEMs

MEE Audio M7 Pro Hybrid Dual-Driver IEMs
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MEE Audio just made a revolutionary upgrade to their popular M6 Pro earbuds. Meet MEE Audio M7 Pro Hybrid Dual-Driver in-ear monitors.

New Release MEE Audio M7 Pro Hybrid Dual-Driver IEMs

The new MEE Audio M7 Pro Hybrid Dual-Driver IEMs draws on one of the finer features from its predecessor the M6 Pro. It holds a 10mm dynamic driver that works in conjunction with an all-new high-precision balanced armature driver. The dynamic driver is tuned to handle the bass frequencies while the mids and highs are processed through the balanced armature driver resulting in a wider soundstage and a more natural degree of separation. In comparison, the Mee Audio M7 Pro Hybrid Dual-Driver IEMs provide “coverage of the full frequency spectrum with deeper, more powerful bass and smoother, more refined highs… all without sacrifices in clarity or detail resolution,” explains MEE Audio.

As for the build, the M7 Pro appears to be as durable as the M6 Pro. It features clear housings with MMCX connections as well as detachable (and replaceable) flex cables. The ear buds ship with an audio cable and another equipped with a mic and remote. This is in addition to a quarter inch adapter, a case, and seven pairs of ear tips including Comply foam tips – ensuring these IEMs are a perfect fit for any wearer.

This hybrid dual-driver system doesn’t come cheap, though. The newest addition to the MEE audio family will cost customers triple the price of their predecessor, retailing at $149.99. But, if better definition and deeper bass are more your style, then a higher price tag is nothing to gripe about.

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