MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review Best Headphones 2016

When MEE Audio’s Pinnacle P1 landed on my desk just a few days ago, I was excited to get it in my ears.  Mostly because MEE’s M6 Pro was such a slam dunk, but also because I wondered how good MEE could get when it came to high-end in-ear headphones.  The results, ladies and gentlemen, were shocking.

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review

The Pinnacle P1 comes with the usual MEE Audio accessories:  mad ear tips and two cables.  There’s a hard case to carry everything, too.

The earpieces are made of a resilient zinc alloy for minimal distortion and a higher level of durability.  And with their ergonomic design, these earphones can easily be worn with the cable looped over the top of the ear or hanging straight down.

The specs on the P1 may seem a bit downplayed.  The frequency range of 20-20,000 hertz and the impedance of 50 ohms don’t seem particularly impressive when compared to the competition, but that realization alone shouldn’t lead you to write these earphones off.

Because there’s some incredible sound in the P1 and it has as much to do with the materials used in its construction.

Thanks to that zinc alloy build and the silver-plated audio cable, the fidelity is exactly what we expected after the success of the cheaper, more budget-friendly M6 Pro.

The headphones aren’t too dark or too bright.  They are balanced almost to a fault, with a clean, articulate sound perfect for picking out the detail in a track from any genre of music.  With these babies, I enjoyed listening to Lakme as much as I enjoyed Yeezy’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

And the option to wear these ‘phones however I want just sweetens the deal.

Downsides?  If you’re a basshead, you’ll probably be disappointed with these little nippers.  Also, if you’re on a budget that doesn’t include spending $200 on headphones, you may be better off with something less expensive, like the aforementioned M6 Pro.

Otherwise, snag a pair of these suckers and enjoy!

Grab MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 at the lowest price from Audio 46 when you use discount code “majorhifi” during checkout. It is also sold at a competitive price on Amazon.

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