Meet Cynaps Bone Conduction Cap


Bone conduction accessories are getting increasingly popular as the need for wire-free cans are growing. Meet the latest music-playing article of clothing, Cynaps Bone Conduction Cap.

Meet Cynaps Bone Conduction Cap

Wearables with the ability to play music through your skull seems to be the latest in cable-free trends. We’ve seen Zungle Panther’s bone conduction headphones and BATBAND’s bone conduction headband so obviously there should be a bone conduction hat.

There is and they’ve been around for a hot second! I give you Cynaps. Located at the sides of the bill are two transducers which vibrate your inner ear resulting in music being heard inside your head. Inside the hat is a Bluetooth headset while the bill of the cap holds a microphone. The underbelly of the bill also features smart controls, which are located under the tip of the bill. Pretty stealth! Wearers can press the bill once to take a call or play the current song on their smart device. Other controls allow wearers to adjust the volume and navigate their playlist. The entire cap is lightweight and covered in sweat-resistant polyester.

Cynaps was designed for commuters and busy bees who want that wireless experience while listening to music with the added benefit of remaining fully in-tune with their surroundings. Delivery guys, runners, and even the everyday commuter can benefit from wearing Cynaps. The creators advise those who work in construction can even wear earplugs to protect their ears while listening to music with Cynapss. Definitely a cool advantage of this bone conduction wearable.

The cap features 6-10 hours of talk time and 30 plus days of use on standby mode when fully charged. P.S. a full charge takes about 2-3 hours to achieve.

Cynaps Bluetooth cap is currently available via for $59. A cap that is MP3 accessible without Bluetooth technology can be purchased for $39. Not too shabby!

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