Meze Audio Announce 109 Pro To Release In October

The latest addition to Meze’s lineup of over-ear headphones is the new 109 Pro, its first dynamic open-back. Meze combines this open-back design with a walnut wood chamber, similar to their 99 Classics and Neo models. These carefully collected materials, which also include zinc, and manganese steel, is constructed with nuts and bolts for a more serviceable build. With this, Meze hopes the 109 Pro will deliver a nice open soundstage that can also provide some serious impact.

“With this headphone, we have proudly achieved our goal of delivering the same level of workmanship found in Empyrean and Elite, at a lower price point. We know that fans have high expectations from us so, when making the 109 PRO, our goal was to build something to surpass those expectations. We focused a lot of resources on sound development, and I think the result is sublime.” – Mircea Fanatan, Managing Director of Meze Audio.

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