ThieAudio Release Wraith Planar Magnetic Headphone

The latest from ThieAudio is a surprising new over-ear headphone with a planar driver. With its sizable IEM selection, ThieAudio is now looking to return to its successful planar design from three years ago. Using constructive feedback from the community, ThieAudio has developed a new design that aims to set a new standard for their over-ear line.

The Wraith incorporates a new planar magnetic design that aims to bring you better accuracy with a new German conductor membrane, thinner magnetic plates with a 1.5x stronger magnetic field, and a new structural airflow design. Adding on to that is a new membrane with a thinly compressed composite, increasing tension across the diaphragm. Everything about this 97mm unit is designed to produce a demanding acoustic response throughout a wider range of frequencies.

You also get a newly designed headband structure. The entire headband consists of stainless steel framing coated with environmentally friendly microfiber padding. The entire structure is precision cut using CNC processing and hand assembled. The new internal double band design allows more even weight distribution across the head for a more comfortable listening experience even during longer durations. With replaceable microfiber flannel ear pads specially designed for isolation and breathable comfort, the Wraith is your one-stop solution for audio perfection. Additionally, the audio cable is interconnectable and replaceable for a further customizable sound and prolonged longevity.

The Wraith is available for $549 from Linsoul.

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