SeekReal Airship Review

SeekReal Airship

Certain IEMs come to me with a level of hype that makes finally getting a pair and opening the box exciting. The SeekReal Airship has been making some waves recently, and I’ve been looking forward to trying them myself. SeekReal is not a brand that I am familiar with, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they can bring to the table.

SeekReal items

What You Get

  • 1x foam ear-tips
  • 3x silicone ear-tips
  • Oxygen-free copper silver plated cable 3.5mm X 2 pin
  • 5x replaceable nozzle filters
  • Warranty card

SeekReal Single

Look and Feel

When I first took a look at the Airship, my initial impression was how small the housing is. This gives the fit an easier insertion and it sits in your concha very naturally. No fatigue could be felt through my hours of listening. In terms of its aesthetic, the Airship has a great build for its price. The aluminum housing adds a lot to its durability and overall style.

SeekReal Cable


The Airship uses a single 10mm driver, with strong materials structuring a durable acoustic chamber. This also echos in the CNT diaphragm which aims to produce a quicker transient response.

  • Sensitivity: 110db
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 10-40kHz

SeekReal Pair


I was happy to hear how open the soundstage of the Airship felt. The far ends of each track reached a wide stereo field, while also offering more complex layering that brought slightly more depth to the imaging. A lot of its spatial abilities feel effortless, as instruments and effects wisp around you with an out-of-our-head presence like the music is being performed to you with each element originating from a proper source. Great dimension is given to an IEM for such a price, bringing heightened immersion for its semi-holographic imaging.

Low End

A good dynamic driver IEM like this usually delivers in the bass, and that’s true for the Airship. There’s a strong drive to the bass that helps bring some considerable body to each tone. Its greatest strength is bolstering the power of each note, shaking the sub-bass for vibrating textures. Everything about this response is heavily emphasized, as the sound signature favors the lows in terms of volume, but the frequency content is spaced out enough to keep things neat and clear for the rest of the range to fill in.


With the exposure of the bass, the mids are still able to keep focus. A good tonal balance is met between most midrange elements, particularly in the vocals. They have a clear presence to them that feels satisfying and resolved in the mix on an even field with the instrumentals. Some elements do take a hit in terms of drive, such as heavier rock and electronic tracks feeling underdeveloped in the body of the frequency response. While instruments still come through cleanly, don’t expect them to pop out at you in any significant way.


Even with some recession in some of the upper highs, the treble mostly comes through smoothly. The soundstage helps give a more substantial presence to the timbre while making sure everything goes down smoothly for most listeners. You won’t hear any great texture to it, but its natural qualities display a fuller tone and eliminate harsher frequencies as a result.


The Airship from SeekReal is a fun and simple IEM that you can get for a good price. With its engaging bass and soundstage and balanced mids and highs, this is a reliable IEM for budget-level sound quality. Add in its well-constructed aluminum housing, and you have a great choice for your chi-fi collection.

Pros  Cons
  • Punchy bass
  • Wide soundstage
  • Good layering 
  • Small comfortable housing
  • Aluminum shell
  • Price
  • Rolled-off highs

The SeekReal Airship is available from Linsoul.

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