MicFlip Reversible MicroUSB Charging Cable

MicFlip Reversible MicroUSB Charging Cable

This cable has solved an issue to plague all microUSB items from headphones to tablet. Here’s our review of MicFlip, a reversible charging cable.

MicFlip Reversible MicroUSB Charging Cable

How many times have you fumbled around trying to figure out the correct way to insert your microUSB cord into your smart device, whether in the dark, early in the morning, or some other situation? Honestly, it feels like so much time has been wasted. Well, MicFlip is here to save you from one more frustrating part of your day.

First off, let’s just go over the fact that this cable is uber sturdy. It could probably survive a zombie apocalypse. The 1 meter long cable is covered in braided nylon which will keep it from tangling. It is also bendable, but the sturdy-kind of bendable, so you can loop the cable into a circle and it will not completely unravel.

MicFlip Reversible MicroUSB Charging Cable

One end of the cable features the reversible microUSB port and the other side a non-reversible USB port. Boo… the only real vice. I personally think a two-sided reversible charging cord would be clutch, but beggars can’t be choosers right? Regardless, the microUSB plug is super easy to use.

Both plugs are gold-plated. This should keep them from corroding. The shell of the hardware is aluminum, which is also a plus in the durability department.

WinnerGear, the creators behind MicFlip, initially ran an Indiegogo campaign to bring their prototype to market. Just about a year ago (August 8, 2015) over 9,000 backers pledged $208,890. That amount is 1115 percent of their initial crowd funding goal. Impressive!

This isn’t the only cool tech items from the New York-based company. They produce an Apple-compatible meter-long lightning cable as well as a USB car charger, car mount, and in-ear bass headphones.

But MicFlip is what you came for. The cable is available for $20 via WinnerGear.com and ships worldwide for free.

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