MOBI: Next Gen Hybrid ANC Earbuds Bring Studio-Quality Sound to True Wireless Audio

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Audiophiles know that the purest place to listen to music is the studio. High-quality headphones, soundproof walls, equalized audio—it’s like going to the source of music. 

Every pair of headphones out there is trying to recreate that experience. And some of them are pretty good at it. Premium over-ear headphones by Bose, Sennheiser, and B&O can transport you to a new world of sound as soon as you press play.

But no pair of true wireless headphones has been up to the task of recreating the studio experience. Until now. 

Mobi earbuds combine hybrid ANC for full-frequency noise cancellation and huge 12mm drivers for the most dynamic audio range ever from true wireless headphones. The result is an over-ear headphone experience from compact earbuds. 

Below, we’ll give you the details on these next-generation hybrid earbuds. If you like what you hear, you can get a pair for yourself for over 60% off. This price is only available for pre-orders, so check Mobi out soon.

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What is Next-Gen Hyrbrid ANC?

Hybrid ANC is considered the best ANC for any type of headphones.

Hybrid combines both types of ANC, feedforward and feedback, to cancel a broader range of noise. 

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Hybrid ANC uses a feedforward mic to listen to exterior sounds (in your environment) and a feedback mic to listen to the audio as you hear it coming from the speaker. With all of this info, the ANC program is able to cancel exterior noise and block additional noise based on what it hears from the feedback mic. 

In the end, you hear fewer distractions and enjoy a more immersive audio experience. 

Now, back to Mobi.

Mobi’s next-gen hybrid takes the original hybrid idea and adds two new elements: An additional feedforward mic, and an AI algorithm. 

With Mobi’s additional feedforward mic, there are a total of three ANC mics on each earbud. This creates a 360˚ noise capture field that can detect audio from all audible frequencies coming from any direction. 

The AI algorithm is an advanced program that calibrates the ANC based on what you’re hearing. It listens to the info from the mics before you do. Then, it targets new frequencies and calibrates the ANC power in real-time to cancel them. This ensures that you only use the ANC power that you need, thus conserving battery power. 

Mobi’s next-gen hybrid ANC is able to capture more noise and recognize those noises for more effective noise canceling. When you put them on, you feel like you’re instantly teleported to a sound-proof studio.

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AI Keeps You Aware

Heading out for a jog or walking to work through the city? Turn on Mobi’s ANC Transparency Mode and the AI will keep you aware of your surroundings without letting in unnecessary noise. 

In Transparency Mode, Mobi’s AI will categorize all external noise into critical and non-critical categories. Any critical noises, such as sirens, alarms, voices speaking to you, or your digital assistant (Alexa, Google, etc.) will be allowed to pass through the ANC barrier and reach your ears. 

Non-critical noises will remain canceled.

This mode is especially useful for people who live in busy places or enjoy outdoor sports. Now, you can stay safe and aware of your surroundings while staying totally immersed in your music.

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Another perk is that you won’t need to interrupt your music just to walk through traffic or buy a coffee. The volume of your music will automatically lower when a critical sound passes through, so you can have a conversation or cross the street without needing to fiddle with your phone or take out your earbuds. 

Bigger Drivers, Better Sound

Mobi’s full-frequency ANC is only half of the in-studio effect. The other half is the oversized drivers. 

The average driver diameter in true wireless headphones is around 4-8mm. Mobi’s drivers are 12mm, meaning they produce bigger sound at louder volumes.

mobi waterproof earbuds

Driver size correlates directly to sound quality in headphones. Bigger drivers can reverberate more air molecules. This produces more immersive, “bigger” sound. This is why little satellite speakers don’t sound as good as large wall speakers even when they’re at the same volume.

Mobi’s huge drivers channel sound directly into your ear canal so you feel like your music is all around you. This is enhanced by the full-frequency ANC, which makes everything sound crisper and cleaner. 

Go Anywhere with IPX6 Waterproofing

Mobi were made to recreate studio sound no matter where you go—and you can go just about anywhere. 

Mobi are tough enough to handle intense workouts and lots of movement. And with an IPX6 waterproofing rating, they can survive any weather.

IPX6 means the earbuds can endure sustained, strong jets of water. It doesn’t matter how heavy the rain or snow is falling (or how much you sweat), Mobi will not be affected.

100-hour Battery Life

Even if you’re not a fan of ANC, you may still want to grab a pair of Mobi for their unrivaled battery power. Mobi earbuds will last 10 hours on a single charge, and there are another 90 hours in the carrying case. 

That blows most of the competition out of the water. Mobi’s AI conserves battery life, so you can still expect 8 hours of playback even with the Hybrid ANC Mode active.

Mobi’s pre-order price is just $65. So even if you don’t need all the perks, a 100-hour battery life is worth the price alone, in our opinion. 

mobi anc earphones

Mobi features Type-C fast charging when it’s time to plug in. Or, you can charge wirelessly with a Qi charging station. In the carrying case, the earbuds will gain up to 6 hours of playback on just a 15-minute charge. 

Bring the Studio With You with Mobi

Mobi represents the beginning of a new era in true wireless audio. This is the moment when wireless earbuds begin to produce sound that rivals many over-ear headphones. 

Bigger drivers and 360˚ ANC make you feel like your music is all around you. You feel like you’re in your own world even if you’re actually in a crowded subway.

model wearning anc earphones

And at a lower price than any other premium earbud on the market, there’s no reason not to add Mobi to your collection. If you pre-order Mobi on Kickstarter, you can get a pair for just $65. Yes, you read that right.

Head to now to learn more about hybrid ANC and to secure your pre-order. 

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