Monster Ravebox, Bring The Festival Home With You

Monster Ravebox

Monster, the maker of bass booming headphones, is back with a new product for you to turn your personal party into a full on rager. Meet Monster Ravebox.

Monster Ravebox, Bring The Festival Home With You

This portable stereo, honored as one of the most innovative products at CES 2017, is a one-of-a-kind speaker, designed specifically to give you that old-school boom box feel with a modern twist while adding emphasis on the EDM community. How so? Ravebox is built with an LED unit to produce a full-on light show.

“When we introduced our original Monster Blaster last year, our goal was to reimagine the classic ’80s boom box for the modern era, with high-wattage bi-directional sound for a new level of portable party audio,” said Noted Head Monster Noel Lee. “With the addition of Ravebox to the Blaster family of portable music products, we’re giving music lovers a unique way to enjoy and share their music, with deep, powerful audio, plus a mind-bending light show that literally lets them bring the festival home!”

Ravebox is able to achieve full sound and deep bass by design. Monster used a V-shaped angled cabinet with drivers on both sides that project on either side of the speaker. This creates direct and reflective sound that comes towards you and bounces off the wall to create a more immersive listening experience, called V-Sound. Ravebox also features Monster’s proprietary PowerBass and an integrated powered subwoofer for real bass response. Thanks to Bluetooth capability the speaker can be thrown over the shoulder to truly pay homage to old-school boom boxes. The battery lasts for up to 12 hours so let’s hope your biceps can.

Monter officially unveiled Ravebox at none other than a rave in Texas known as Disco Donnie’s Ultimate Music Experience 2017 with headliners Marshmello, Tiesto, and Zedd.

“Our festivals are known for their innovative production value; we believe in always pushing the envelope to create an unforgettable music experience for the fans. Monster follows that same philosophy and the company’s new RaveBox Bluetooth speaker, which really captures the essence of the festival atmosphere and brings it home with LED lights and powerful audio. We are thrilled that Monster chose UME to launch their reimagined boom box,” said Top EDM Festival Producer, Disco Donnie.

If interested in bringing the party home head over to Monster and snag Monster Ravebox for $449.95.