NAD Launches Masters Series M10

NAD Launches Masters Series M10

Is Alexa not meeting your high-fidelity needs? It might be time for a serious upgrade. The M10 is an ultra high-performance amplifier for audiophiles who expect primo sound. Packed with features and capabilities, this new toy can also be combined with other players in a BluOS ecosystem. What is a BluOS ecosystem? Well, it has nothing to do with the environment. But please, do recycle your eartips. BluOS is an operating system and music management software that allows you to access and stream lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz to every room of your crib using your wifi network.

NAD Launches Masters Series M10


Get your music from a locally stored library or the mysterious cloud. Play music from the Internet, including Apple AirPlay 2. With a over a dozen premium music services (like Tidal and Spotify), including High Res sources with full MQA decoding, there’s little that the M10 can’t handle.


The M10 HybridDigital amplifier employs the snazzy Hypex nCore amplification stage. I don’t want to bore you or myself with the details, but if you’d like to know more about Hypex nCore, click here. The point is, this amplifier can drive virtually any loudspeaker. At 100 watts per channel, this thing has some serious juice. The M10 also features Dirac Live Room Correction. This feature reduces the loss in sound quality caused by things like windows and furniture. 

NAD Launches Masters Series M10


With an HDMI Audio Return Channel, you can integrate this thing with your flat screen boob tube, allowing the sound to come out of your snazzy speakers, while letting you control it with your TV remote.


If you have a smart home, you can use the M10’s interface to turn your lights on, close your shades and make your espresso.

Now, let’s be honest. Aesthetics matter. And you don’t want your amplifier to clash with your Picasso. NAD got DF-ID, a renowned design firm that works with the world’s leading luxury brands to design this audiophile work of art. Glass panels, extruded aluminum. NAD isn’t frequen’ around. It’s unique, it’s understated. It’s damn elegant. Okay, fancy pants?

NAD Launches Masters Series M10

And if you’re not ready to break up with Alexa, the M10 supports her too.

The M10 will be available in February 2019 for $2,499 US MSRP.

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