Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review

Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review

We all love hi-res audio, but some of us have jobs that require commuting. And nothing upsets me more than a subway manspreader whose backpack gets caught on my cable. It almost annoys me as much as people who wear open-back headphones on the train. Anyway, Audeze has released a snazzy Bluetooth Cipher IEM cable. Designed for the iSINE Series, this Bluetooth 5 module will hopefully liberate Audeze fans without the sacrifice of too much sound quality. Let’s find out how well this thing works in this Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review.

Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review


Bluetooth 5, man. It’s a significant upgrade from Version 4.2 in terms sound quality. You’ll get a much cleaner profile than the older Bluetooth technology once offered. Companies like Shure have already released their own Bluetooth 5 compatible wireless cables, and there’s a reason why they’re selling like hotcakes. Of course, the sound quality is not as tight as a wired connection. But it still retains the essence of the iSine feel. And it wasn’t too far off from the standard I got through the lightning connection.

Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review

Supported Codecs

The Cipher Module supports aptX, as well as aptXHD, offering 24-bit hi-res audio quality with low latency. (Low latency means there won’t be any lag when watching video. Unless you watch Bruce Lee films).

Call Clarity

This is what impressed me the most. Calls not only sounded super clear on my end, but I asked my buddy to go outside with the iSines and call me. I heard almost no ambient noise, and it’s the middle of Manhattan, folks.

Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review


The Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module offers 8 hours of battery life. That’s 2 hours less than Shure’s latest Bluetooth cable. But hey, we need a 2-pin connection, here. What are you gonna do…The module takes 2 hours to fully charge, using the included Micro-USB to USB cable. Just enough time for a beer and a shvitz.

Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review

Audeze Cipher IEM Bluetooth Module Review

IEM Compatibility

I also hooked this up to a Noble Audio IEM to see if it worked. It does. BUT the connection is not super secure. I don’t suggest risking it with your pricey Nobles or Empire Ears. Then again, if you like to live on the edge, go for it.

Other Stuff

Even though the remote is pretty large, the module is super light. So, I didn’t get any thumping sounds when I walked. At 26 inches, the cable isn’t too long either, though a clip would have been nice for running. (If you’re running with giant open-back earphones, I applaud your commitment to high fidelity)

Final Thoughts

For 99 bucks, I think the Cipher Bluetooth cable is a great deal, considering that the Shure BT2 sells for $150. If you don’t feel like breaking the bank for a fancy pair of true wireless buds, like the Sennheiser Momentum, and you just can’t bear to part with your Audeze sound signature, then this module is the way to go.

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