NAMM 2017 Headphones

NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants trade show is underway in Anaheim, California so we are detailing all the cool, new pro headphones to hit the showroom floor. This is our “NAMM 2017 Headphones” article.

NAMM 2017 Headphones


Fostex is bringing it! They launched a series of over-ear studio monitoring cans and in-ear monitors. Fostex TH7 Series Headphones are a rehash of Fostex’s TH7B and TH7W headphones offering a sophisticated, new appearance with four attractive color variations. These fine tuned, closed-back cans use 40mm dynamic drivers to serve up “dramatic lows and delicate, natural highs while providing superb sound isolation” over an impressive frequency range of 10 to 35,000 Hertz and full 100mW power capacity with 100dB sensitivity. This makes the headphone a great fit for studio monitoring. The leatherette ear cups are also fashioned to ensure a comfortable listening experience even during extended mixing sessions. The TH7 headphone will be available ion colors black, white, red, and teal for $99.99.

Fostex also launched an IEM series. The new Fostex TE04 Series are inner-ear, monitor-type earphones that have been specially tuned. Each earpiece consists of 8mm dynamic drivers and a closed housing “designed to deliver deep, rich low frequencies and crystal-clear high frequencies in precise balance for an exceptional listening experience.” The TE04 Series come in four colors (black, white, teal, and red). The cable includes an in-line omnidirectional, electret-condenser microphone and music controller for smartphones. Each pair of TE04 Earphones comes with four pairs of replaceable ear tips for long-term, comfortable listening (XS, S, M, L), a protective leatherette carrying pouch, and a replacement cable with stopper ring for applications that don’t require the microphone and controller. A pair can be yours for $79.99 each.


NAMM 2017 Headphones would not be complete without a new addition from Sennheiser. The German audio company launched a new headphone out in Anaheim on Thursday. The Sennheiser HD 200 Pro is for those who love to use their monitoring headphones for listening to music and professional use.  This can was designed to alleviate tension on the top of the head while the earpads feel feather-light and perfectly enclose every ear. As a monitoring tool, the HD 200 PRO are designed to protect you from any noise that might distract you. The ambient noise reduction helps to create a clean space for your music. These cans will be sold from Sennheiser at $86.95.


Yamaha released the HPH-MT5 and HPH-MT8. They differ by the HPH-MT5 carrying smaller drivers and a narrower frequency response range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz while the HPH-MT8 holds 45mm drivers and delivers over range of a 15 to 28,000. Both are fashioned with a compact and lightweight design for easy portability. The closed-back cans feature synthetic leather and low-resistance cushions to absorb excess vibrations and reduce sound leakage while allowing your ears to breathe making for a perfect studio companion during long listening sessions. Both include a detachable straight 3 meter cord and coiled 1.5 meter cable, which is a first for Yamaha studio monitor headphones. Both cables are equipped with a corrosion-resistant gold-plated stereo mini plug and quarter-inch stereo adapter, allowing the flexibility to use them with everything from professional audio gear to portable audio players. Yamaha HPH-MT5 costs $169 while Yamaha HPH-MT8 runs for $329 and shipping January 19.

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