New micro iTube 2 amplifier from iFi Audio

UK manufacturer iFi Audio has been getting more and more attention with their great line of portable DACs and amplifiers. One of their more genius ideas is the micro iTube and recently they released the second generation of this powerful amp the micro iTube 2. Let’s take a look under the hood and see what this thing has to offer.

Warm up your music with the New micro iTube 2

The iFi micro iTube 2 boast an all-new design including trickle-down technology used in their original Pro Series. This portable but hearty amplifier utilizes the NOS GE5670 tube from General Electric as well as Elna Silmics, C0G capacitors and MELF resistors to keep the signal path as clean as possible. The micro iTube 2 also claims the most noise-free power supply system on the market thanks to ANC+ noise-cancelling circuitry. Quite impressive indeed.

The micro iTube 2 features the iFi 3D Sound which widens and brightens the overall output. And you’ll also find the Xbass option which gives you a nice boost in the low frequencies for those bumping tracks. There’s even a setting for the tube to set in SET, Push-Pull or Classic Mode. These tube modes simply affect the overall harmonics of the sound you run through it. You can simply switch through them and see the one you like best. For the XBass and 3D mode switches you have the ability to customize the sound by adding the effect or simply switch them off. iFi definitely knows their audiophiles.

The micro iTube 2 has 2 RCA inputs and 2 RCA outputs. It’s ready for just about anything you want to hook it up to. And the beauty of this cool little device is it’s capable of functioning as tube preamp or tube buffer. Glancing at the bottom of this thing will show you how to quickly set for either.  This means you can simply warm up your audio and run direct out or use the built in amplifier if you wish. Pretty darn cool.

The benefit of having a tube amplifier is that it will warm up your digital audio tracks considerably. Your music literally glides through this passive technology that looks a bit like a light bulb and the result is a smooth yet high-fidelity sound that makes most people light up inside when they hear it. A great tube amp will warm up anything from CD’s to mp3’s or your favorite digital player and the new iFi micro iTube 2 looks like a perfect portable option to warm up your music for not too much money. The micro iTube 2 retails for about $375. Looks like New York’s Audio46 headphone store is one of the first to get a hold of this amplifier. Grab one while they last.

iFi Audio micro iTube 2 portable amplifier at Audio46


High-end Direct Tube Buffer/High-End Direct Pre-amplifier

Selectable tube sound signature (SET / Push-Pull / Classic)

All-new 3D Holographic+® for Loudspeakers matrix system

All-new XBass+® for Loudspeakers matrix system

Pure analogue volume control

Ultra-low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.009% (Tube+ off)

0dB or 9dB selectable gain

Reference class parts quality from ELNA Silmic to C0G capacitors

iPower (15V) included, ‘quieter than battery’ power supply


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