Need to hang your headphones? Just PUCK it!

Recently the PC parts manufacturer known as NZXT came up with a nifty idea on how to help sort your mess of extra wires and even your headphones. Simply named PUCK, this little two part block is essentially a sturdy magnet designed to stick to any metal surface and serve as an organizer. Place PUCK on the side of your computer case and hang your unused wires on it until you need them again. Or even hang your gaming headphones.

The interesting thing about this tool is it certainly has many more uses than just organizing computer wires and VR headsets. In fact you could stick this thing on a metal rack or file cabinet in your home music studio and rack-up your headphone collection. Drape your studio patch cables or midi cables over it until you need them again.

The PUCK by NZXT comes in 5 cool colors and it comes apart in the middle so you can use each piece separately for just about any kind of cable or accessory organizing you can think up. It retails for about $20 and ships out beginning February 24, 2017. An interesting tool with many possibilities indeed.

Store VR or audio headsets easily with Puck. It’s designed for simple, hassle-free cable management for any of your wired accessories. Split Puck apart for extended cable coverage while powerful magnets make it easy to mount on your PC case or any steel surface.

  • Designed for Audio or VR headsets and mounting ease
  • Powerful magnets allow quick and easy mounting
  • Splits apart for extended cable coverage
  • Compact size ideal for mounting on PC case
  • Silicone construction ensures flexibility and durability

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