New Release Yamaha HPH-MT5 and HPH-MT8 Studio Monitor Headphones

NAMM kicked off Thursday in Anaheim, California and Yamaha was there to unveil two new headphones. Here’s the low down on the new Yamaha HPH-MT5 and HPH-MT8 studio monitor headphones.

New Release Yamaha HPH-MT5 and HPH-MT8 Studio Monitor Headphones

Yamaha’s MT series is designed to deliver on all your studio monitoring needs – producing flat, high-resolution sound with precise stereo imaging to faithfully reproduce source signals. They also provide a high level of isolation and comfort to ward off fatigue during marathon monitoring sessions, either in the studio or on the road. Yamaha touts, “Both use CCAW voice coils, along with powerful neodymium magnets to achieve precise definition, extended frequency response and control even at the highest output levels.”

Yamaha HPH-MT5 differs from the Yamaha HPH-MT8 with smaller drivers and a narrower frequency response range. The MT5s hold 40 mm drivers that deliver between 20 to 20,000 Hertz. They are fashioned with a compact and lightweight design for easy portability. The closed-back cans feature synthetic leather and low-resistance cushions to absorb excess vibrations and reduce sound leakage while allowing your ears to breathe making for a perfect studio companion during long listening sessions.

Yamaha HPH-MT8 offers a more accurate response over a frequency range of 15 to 28,000 Hertz. So much so, it’ll “expos[e] every nuance of the performance,” so it should be ideal for tracking. It features steerable ear cups for single-ear monitoring and die-cast aluminum support arms.

Both the Yamaha HPH-MT5 and HPH-MT8 include a detachable straight 3 meter cord and coiled 1.5 meter cable, which is a first for Yamaha studio monitor headphones. Both cables are equipped with a corrosion-resistant gold-plated stereo mini plug and quarter-inch stereo adapter, allowing the flexibility to use them with everything from professional audio gear to portable audio players.

Yamaha HPH-MT5 costs $169 while Yamaha HPH-MT8 runs for $329. Both headphones begin shipping January 19.

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