New Campfire Solstice Announced

New Campfire Solstice Announced
News having just arrived of the new Campfire Solaris Limited Edition, Campfire has also announced a new custom IEM, the Solstice.

New Campfire Solstice Announced

New Campfire Solstice Announced

Featuring 5 Balanced Armature drivers and TAEC (or Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber), the Solstice uses a patent-pending solid-bdoy design.  The fit is customer engineered and optimized for each user.

Based on the crowd-pleasing sound signature of the Campfire Andromeda, the Solstice delivers reference level audio.  Complimenting this application, the custom fit will appeal to audiophiles and artists alike.

Unsurpassed in fit and finish, each pair of Solstice is manufactured by hand in Portland, Oregon by the Campfire team.

New Campfire Solstice Announced

One Sound, Two Fits

The Solstice delivers hours of listening enjoyment with nary a trace of fatigue.  It also comes in two different fits:  Audiophile Fit or Artist Fit.

Offering a shallow seal depth, the Audiophile Fit also entails less length than that needed for stage performances.  Easy and comfortable, this fit makes the Solstice an enjoyable listen under a wide variety of conditions and locations.  Whether bumping tunes on a daily commute or kicking at the studio with a new mix, Audiophile Fit feels perfect for everyday use.

In contrast, Artist Fit offers a traditional seal depth.  This ensures sonic isolation and added security for more demanding on-stage performances.  Furthermore, the Artist Fit extends into the ear canal, making this the ideal fit for professional musicians.

Andromeda And More

While built around the original Andromeda design, the Solstice also takes this sound to the next level.

Due to the custom fit and modified acoustic chamber, Solstice extends beyond the original Andromeda sound.  High feature spacious expansion, and a deep bass compliments a deeper sub-bass.  However, overall the Solstice remains as balanced as the original Andromeda.

As such, the Solstice plays with aplomb regardless of genre or circumstance, making this earphone a strong, versatile performer.

New Campfire Solstice Announced

Keeping Up Appearances

Hand polished and buffed, the bad boy Solstice doesn’t ask for your attention, it ganks it.  Wonderfully smooth like a beard covered in olive oil, the earphone conforms perfectly to each person’s ear.

The pièce de résistance comes in the form of a polished stainless steel cap.  This cap protects sensitive internal components.  It also provides a point for the earphone cable to connect securely to the earphones.  The placement and construction are such as to guarantee a lasting connection to the earphone.  

The Campfire Solstice retails for $1499.

Acquire the Solstice here:


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