New FiiO F9 Triple Driver with MMCX Connection

fiio f9

FiiO, the Chinese company known for their premium players, just released a new iteration of their triple driver in-ear monitors. Introducing FiiO F9

New FiiO F9 Triple Driver with MMCX Connection

This new IEM is fashioned to allow more versatility for its users. Thanks to the MMCX connection, the cable is detachable from each earbud housing giving wearers the option of using this headphone with either a 2.5mm balanced cable or 3.5mm single-ended cables. Also, you can probably make this earbud wireless using Westone’s Bluetooth cable (Audio46 or Amazon) with MMCX connection – just sayin’. Regardless, the included 2.5mm balanced cable is comprised of silver-plated copper wire to ensure a clean delivery of your music from player to ears. The 3.5mm single-ended cable is built with an in-line remote and mic for control over your tunes while commuting. It’s also held in place with a simple over-ear-hook design.

As for the build, each FiiO F9 earbud houses a triple driver unit. It consists of one 9.2mm dynamic driver and two balanced armatures. The dynamic driver, which is made of a polyether ketone, is specially tuned to target the lows while the balanced armatures take care of the upper mids and highs – thanks to their extended response – overall allowing the buds to reach a frequency response range of 15Hz – 40kHz.

The FiiO F9 possesses a durable, yet sleek looking exterior. The ripple effects on the outside of the aluminium body serve not only as a pretty design, but as a means of FiiO to maximize more space inside of the IEM for better acoustics.

FiiO F9 is available in black or red at the lowest price on Amazon.

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