New Release: HIFIMAN RE2000 Reference IEM is $2000 Sonic Gold


Acclaimed Chinese headphone company HiFiMan just launched a stellar new IEM made of the most premium material on Earth – gold. Meet HiFiMan RE2000 Reference IEM.

New Release: HIFIMAN RE2000 Reference IEM is Sonic Gold

The new HiFiMan RE2000 in-ear bud costs a whopping $2000. That’s because the tiny units were engineered with “topology drivers” dressed in gold. HiFiMAN’s specialized “topology” diaphragms refer to the diaphragm with a special nano-particle coating applied to its surface. This special-style driver provides a smoother, more extended response with reduced distortion for an improved soundstage and more realistic listening experience.

The 9.2mm dynamic “topology” driver is held inside of a gold-plated brass housing. As HiFiMan explains, “the distribution of this coating has distinct geometric patterns. By varying the surface pattern, compound used, the thickness, or geometric pattern, sound wave formation can be manipulated to achieve the desired audio effect and control.” That results in a diaphragm that is better controlled, subsequently reducing distortions and enabling superior operational performance wave control.

As for fit, HiFiMAN RE2000 is said to be quite comfortable, showcasing a unique-shaped housing that gets listeners closer to the music and heard the way musicians intended it, according to HiFiMan.

As for the specifications, the RE2000 reaches a frequency response of 5 – 20,000 Hertz at a  sensitivity level of 103dB and an impedance of 60 ohms. The detachable cable is comprised of silver coated crystalline copper wire.

About HiFiMan

Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HIFIMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products in the world. HIFIMAN is currently the only headphone companies to design and manufacture Dynamic, Planar Magnetic and Electrostatic models. The company also designs and manufactures highly acclaimed, high-res portable players and amplifiers.  

HiFiMAN RE2000 is shipping now and can be ordered from the official HIFIMAN Amazon account.

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