Sony SRS-XB2 Speaker Review

Sony SRS-XB2 Speaker Review

If you’re on the hunt for a portable Bluetooth speaker, Sony’s mini extra bass unit may do the trick. Learn more in our “Sony SRS-XB2 Speaker Review.”

Sony SRS-XB2 Speaker Review


The little mini speaker is nestled inside a box that is much larger than the speaker itself. Keep this in mind when you are picking it up off the shelf. The speaker is accompanied by a USB cable and wall charger for recharging the unit.


Sony SRS-XB2 speaker is incredibly compact. The tiny wireless speaker fits easily into the palm of my hand and can do the same in any backpack or purse. It’s also very lightweight, measuring 6.73in (w) x 2.36in (h) x 2.20in (d) and weighing 1.10 lbs. As for the exterior, the speaker I have is a matte black version with purple trim. Units are also available in blue, red, and neon yellow.


I feel as if this speaker was designed with efficiency in mind. The actual speaker units are positioned to face outward, which better projects the sound waves to you if positioned on your desk or any other countertop. P.S. Did I mention that the SRS-XB2’s speakers are positioned at the front and back end of the speaker for better surround sound. The bottom has 4 rubber grips that better stabilize the speaker. This feature is better than that of the cylindrical Flip 4 speaker which is fit with a rubber grip lining one side. Potentially, that speaker still runs a risk of rolling off the table.


Like the Flip 4, Sony SRS-XB2 possesses some resistance to water, though not quite as much. It’s got an IPX rating of 5 which means it can withstand a splash or two and some exposure to rain, but it cannot take a dunk like the Flip 4.

Controls are located on the top of the speaker which makes for incredibly easy accessibility. There’s a power button, pairing button, volume controls, speaker phone button, and probably what you all came for the Extra bass button. More on this in the sound section below.

On the back there is an audio jack out, micro USB out, and reset button situated next to an “add” button. This feature allows Sony users with another SRS-XB2 speaker to pair the two units together for a more immersive listening experience.

Connectivity is made rather easy with the use of Bluetooth or NFC for those who have near field communication-enabled devices. You can also look forward to about 12 hours of play time.

Sony SRS-XB2 Speaker Review


The lows are definitely present in this speaker, though the overall tone is a tad neutral. The bass is nice and smooth with some depth when playing the speaker without the Extra Bass feature. I like that because it keeps the speaker from sounding too boomy. It’s a lot more balanced. The mids and highs have a good deal of clarity that isn’t covered by the bass. The speaker also gets pretty loud.  It can fill a room, but only so much because of its size and stature. But, if you surpass about the 75% -ish mark the bass can get a little boomy.

When engaging the extra bass feature, the bass obviously gets a slight boost. For bass lovers, I think it gets the job done. It’s nice and rich, but at higher volumes can sound slightly distorted and uncontrolled.


Run Time: 12 hours

Speaker Size: 1.65 inch

Frequency Response Range: 20-20,000 Hertz

Bluetooth Version: 3.0

Range: 32.81 Ft

Dimensions: 6.73in (w) x 2.36in (h) x 2.20in (d)

Weight: 1.10 lbs

Sony SRS-XB2 Speaker Review Overview

This speaker is a great deal at $98. It is the perfect size to position itself on your desk at the office without being obtrusive.

If interested, grab the Sony SRS-XB2 Speaker at the lowest price at Audio 46 and at an unbeatable price on Amazon.

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