New Release MEE Audio Pinnacle P2, Better For Your SmartPhone

Ring the alarm! MEE Audio Pinnacle P2 is the more consumer-friendly little brother to the Pinnacle P1.

New Release MEE Audio Pinnacle P2, Cheaper Than the P1

The second iteration strips the earphones of its bulky and heavy hardware of the Pinnacle P1 and opts for a design that is much simpler for the everyday consumer while still exhibiting audio to appease most audiophiles, according to MEE Audio.

MEE Audio Pinnacle P2

The slimmer, lighter frame is made of hard grade durable materials instead of zinc alloy. While the latter was a protective outer layer for the P1, the P2 capitalizes on the lighter material making for a more portable option. These housings are ergonomically shaped and have the ability to be worn in an over-the-ear loop design or hanging down. The earbuds are fit with a pair of Comply T-200 premium foam tips as well as silicone tips for users to find the best fit and seal for better sound isolation. Like its predecessor, the P2 retains a detachable MMCX cable with a reinforced TPE jacket over oxygen-free copper conductors and a built-in microphone and remote for use with phones and tablets.

When it comes to sound, MEE Audio fans should still expect high fidelity audio since the P2 possesses the same technology – an advanced moving coil transducer, but with a new low impedance voice coil to deliver “superb audio performance,” explains MEE Audio. The low impedance voice coil allows for the MEE Audio Pinnacle P2, which measure 16 ohms at 1kHz, to be used with more portable devices and tablets as opposed to the P1, which measures 50 ohms at 1kHz. This enables the 10mm drivers to reach a frequency response range of 17 Hz to 20,000 Hz offering “warm, dynamic sound that retains the hallmark Pinnacle clarity and resolution.

MEE Audio Pinnacle P2 is available for $99.99 from MEE Audio.

The¬†Pinnacle P1 is available at the lowest price from Audio 46 when you use discount code “majorhifi” during checkout. It is also sold at a competitive price on Amazon.

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