New Release HiFiMAN Ananda Headphone

HiFiMAN Ananda

It feels like the Sundara was launched yesterday (or about 6 months ago to be exact), but there is already a new headphone in HiFiMAN haven. Meet HiFiMAN Ananda.

New Release HiFiMAN Ananda Headphone

The relatively young headphone company has added another premium over-ear headphone to their line-up. HiFiMAN Ananda is the company’s newest planar. Modeled after what looks like the HiFiMAN HE1000, Ananda is carefully crafted to sing with unmatched agility and power sensitivity.

“Ananda is designed for music lovers who want one high-performance, extraordinarily comfortable headphone for all personal listening, whether it’s a home system, high-resolution portable player, or an everyday smartphone,” said Dr. Fang Bian, Founder and CEO, HiFiMAN. “The word ‘Ananda’ is derived from the Sanskrit term for ‘bliss,’ which is what this headphone will bring to anybody who enjoys audiophile-grade performance, no matter the source.”

HiFiMAN Ananda is constructed with ergonomically-shaped ear cups that better resemble the human ear. Basically, a cross between an upside-down tear drop and an ice-cream cone. The ear cushions are comprised of leather while the headband is a hybrid build with a weight dispersing strap that allows the headband to take some pressure off the top of your head.¬†Each ear cup also features the Chinese company’s updated 3.5 mm connectors which are more robust to maximize the longevity.

When it comes to creating audio bliss, Ananda’s open-back ear cups are able to do so with a special metal shade grill design. This “greatly reduces sonic reflections for clearer sound,” according to HiFiMAN. The headphone’s ear cups also hold an ultra thin diaphragm that responds lightning fast while affording uncanny detail and ultra-low distortion.

HiFiMAN Ananda can be used with just about any device and deliver high quality playback as it runs on a low impedance of 25 ohms while supporting an ultra-high sensitivity level of 103 dB reaching a frequency response range of 8Hz-55kHz. To boot, if you’ve got the HiFiMAN SuperMini player, you’re all set for a “blissful” listening experience.

Ananda is already available for $999 at Audio46.

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Frequency Response 8Hz-55kHz
Sensitivity 103 dB
Impedance 25 Ohms
Weight 14.07 grams

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