Apple Beats Sound Quality Targeted by ‘Don’t Get Beat by Beats’ Campaign

Beats Headphones Lawsuit Apple Beats Sound Quality Targeted by 'Don't Get Beat by Beats' Campaign
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It’s no secret that we at MajorHiFi aren’t the biggest proponents of Beats. When’s the last (or first) time you’ve ever seen a Beats review on this platform? Almost never, as in there’s only one to date. That’s because as audio experts, we don’t find these overrated, brand-name headphones to give you the best bang for your buck. Now, it seems like a brave and relatively new headphone company is coming for them. Apple Beats sound quality is being targeted by Don’t Get Beat by Beats Campaign hosted by EVEN headphones.

Apple Beats Sound Quality Targeted by ‘Don’t Get Beat by Beats’ Campaign

EVEN headphones, a company that takes a personalized approach to audio playback, specifically comes after conglomerate headphones “Beats and Apple to Bose and others,”¬†for essentially convincing customers in to thinking their one-sound-fits-all model is the best on the market.

EVEN headphones, like most if not all headphone companies, knows that every individual has a different hearing profile and they’ve designed their headphones to cater audio playback specifically to the listener’s hearing profile. They’ve decided to retaliate by launching an interactive NYC Pop Up Shop in which attendees can listen to their headphones and experience the magic of personalized sound for themselves.

“We’ve launched our Don’t get beat by Beats campaign because enough is enough. Consumers deserve better than what they’re currently being told is high quality by companies spending millions on advertising over innovation to convince them of such,” says Danny Aronson, CEO and Co-founder of EVEN.

The EVEN Headphones NYC Pop Up will be held at Human Head music store in Soho from June 12-July 4.

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