New Release HiFiMAN Sundara

HiFiMAN Sundara

After making its debut at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, it’s time we welcomed the newest addition to the HiFiMAN family. Introducing HiFiMAN Sundara.

New Release HiFiMAN Sundara

The new headphone, like its predecessors, is an open-back planar magnetic audiophile can. It’s fashioned with a similar build consisting of a floating headband which allows users to listen comfortably for hours on end. HiFiMAN explains that that this neckband has been designed to provide an accurate fit and increased comfort while the ear pads have been engineered with an all-aluminum ear enclosure, to obviously do the same.

As for the internals, these headphones are going to demand the best from your music employing a newly developed diaphragm that is 80 percent thinner than the HE400 series headphones resulting in a wider frequency response (of 6 Hertz-75,000 Hertz) that is faster and more detailed, operating at an impedance of 37 Ohms.

At this time the price and release date have yet to be announced, but HiFiMAN Sundara is being touted as having “unheard of value in this great new planar design from HiFiMAN.

Rumor has it these headphones will be shipping sometime before Christmas.


Frequency Response: 6 Hertz-75,000 Hertz

Impedance: 37 Ohms

Sensitivity: 94 dB

Weight: 372 grams

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