Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package is Only $1199

Audeze LCD-X Music Creator

For a limited time, Audeze is offering a pretty sweet deal for all of their audiophiles who are also artists as the Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package is only $1199.

Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package is Only $1199

Audeze recounts that some of the hottest tracks from the some of the industry’s best artists were made with the help of their audiophile headphones.Producers and engineers who mixed and mastered behind Kanye West, John Mayer, Lorde, and others used Audeze cans to do so. Moreover, according to Audeze, engineers and producers behind these hits never used headphones in their workflow until they heard Audeze.

Paying homage to those producing pioneers and artists as well as build on their Pro Audio success, Audeze is offering artists, musicians, and music enthusiasts the Audeze LCD-X Music Creator for $1199. The travel case is not included, but customers can expect the LCD in all of its supreme glory.

The LCD-X is designed and hand-crafted using only the finest materials. Both transducers are matched by an engineer while the ear pads are crafted with leather pads and¬†acoustical foam for best fit and sound. Showcasing Audeze’s signature stellar looks, the LCD-X features¬†beautiful anodized aluminum rings that are manufactured at their facility.

The company’s warranty includes 3 years of coverage on the drivers and 1 year of coverage on the

Get your Audeze LCD-X as part of the Music Creator Package for $1199, available at Audio46.

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