Simgot EN700 Pro Earphones Review

Simgot EN700 Pro Earphones

Before checking out Simgot’s EN700 Pro in-ear headphones, I had never heard of the company. Their tagline is “salute to art and science” and “Simgot” means simple and elegant. Needless to say, I am very excited to try out these earphones. So here it is, the Simgot EN700 Pro In-Ear review.

Simgot EN700 Pro In-Ear Review

In the Box

The box itself is in line with name Simgot, simple and elegant. It shows the shape of the EN700 Pro in glossy black against a matte black background. Impressive so far. Let’s look inside.

Wow! These earphones look absolutely beautiful. The right in-ear is colored red and the blue in-ear is colored blue. I might think this is cheesy if the earphones themselves didn’t look like they could be jewelry. As a result, the EN700 Pro Earphones already look more expensive than they are.

Below the earphones is a durable tan leather carrying case with the Simgot logo. Flipping the case over, I notice the tagline etched into the leather. Nice.

Inside the case are two different types of ear tips (labeled Eartip I and Eartip II) with three sizes each: small, medium, and large. Underneath, there is a slender black brush for cleaning the ear tips.

Placing the carrying case back, I lift up the black layer which holds the earphones to find the cable. These earphones of beauty look like they could be jewlery. It is a silver and copper braid, almost the color of Champagne, which is surrounded by Kevlar. It feels strong and durable without being stiff. Very impressive!

The box also contains the warranty card and the user guide. I’m excited to get these into my ears. Let’s see how they fit.


I have particularly small ears so I slip on the smallest size of Eartip I. The cable easily hooks around my ear, but unfortunately the ear tip is too big. It stays in a bit but I don’t feel the seal that I usually do when an earphone fits well. I’m sure these earphones fit well for most people, but if you have smaller ears, these earphones won’t be for you.

Regardless, I’m going to hold them in place and listen to some music. Let’s see how these babies sound!!


Ear Tips

There are two different kinds of ear tips, as mentioned. Eartip I has a description that says “Powerful mid-high frequency. High resolution and penetration. Crystal clear sound.” Eartip II says, “Enhanced bass and superior listening comfort. Outstanding attenuation of ambient sibilance. Neutral and bass-driven sound.” With these descriptions in mind, I’ll review the sound twice, once with each type of ear tip.

*After listening I’m realizing the difference between the two is subtle. The two ear tips are closer to each other than the description indicates, but are different to some degree. Keep that in mind when reading the sound review below.*


Eartip I

There is less definition in the sub and low frequencies. It is less punchy than Eartip II but still aesthetically pleasing and balanced.

Eartip II

The bass sounds balanced. It is not overdone, and it is quite warm sounding.


Eartip I

The midrange of Eartip I feels quite balanced. There is a smoothness to it that makes vocals and stringed instruments sound nice.

Eartip II

There seems to be a good cut somewhere between 300Hz-400Hz. I am a little bit biased against those frequencies anyway, so I actually think it sounds really great. Mid-range heavy bass guitars seems to loose a little bit of definition as a result though.


Eartip I

It sounds like there is a boost somewhere between 8kHz and 12kHz. Despite this boost it is still very warm and smooth sounding. There is a lot of air. I’m recalling now that the frequency range for these headphones is 5Hz-40kHz, leaving lots of space up in the high frequencies for air.

Eartip II

Again, there is a lot of air, although not as much as Eartip I. The high end feels very balanced and sweet sounding. Strings sound especially warm and smooth in the high end.

Sound Stage

Eartip I

The left to right and top to bottom imaging sound really nice and detailed. Not too much depth with these ear tips.

Eartip II

There is more depth to these ear tips. The top to bottom imaging is quite detailed as well. The left to right imaging seems to be slightly less strong with these earphones though.

Overall, I enjoy Eartip II better! It sounds better with a wider range of genres, accounting for the deep sub frequencies in hip-hop and rock.


Although smaller eared people like me might not like the fit of these headphones, those with medium or larger ear canals will love the Simgot EN700 Pro Earphones. They are a great quality, especially for $149.99. They look great and they have a smooth and balanced sound. You can pick up your own pair at Amazon.

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Simgot EN700 In-Ear Headphones

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