New Release iFi AC Purifier Targets Hiss Using Active Noise Cancelling

iFi AC Purifier

iFi’s latest addition is a sweet little solution to ridding your audio systems of unwanted hiss using active noise cancelling.┬áMeet iFi AC Purifier.

New Release iFi AC Purifier Targets Hiss Using Active Noise Cancelling

There’s nothing worse than finally getting all the necessary components for a killer audio system only for your sound to be slayed by an unwanted hiss. With numerous cords linking into one another and onto a main source the signal is bound to encounter an audio gremlin or two at some point or another. iFi has decided to cut that little devil off at the knees with their AC Purifier.

This unit is said to go above and beyond other purifiers because it actively combats the hiss with active noise cancelling technology.

iFi AC Purifier GRaph
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As described by iFi, the AC Purifier was designed to be used with “any mains powered audio system” and “is particularly effective at dealing with modern audio systems that have an abundance of generic and varied power supplies).” The purifier can also be used with extension blocks to isolate certain types of power supplies for maximum noise reduction.

iFi AC Purifier is built intelligently enough to detect if there’s an issue with your mains in regards to the correct regional orientation (USA vs EU) or lack of Ground/Earth using two LED indicators. When both LED lights are green, you are good to go.

I’m sure you also concerned about power surges. Well this unit is smart enough to shut off electricity from passing through the system when it detects a spike in voltage. Woohoo! Consider your system protected.

iFi AC Purifier is available from iFi for $99.

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