Whizzer A15 Earphones Review

Whizzer A15 Earphones Best Earphones Buy

Whizzer recently reached out to MajorHiFi asking us to review their earphones. They sent us their A15 dynamic driver earphones. So today is the day. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer with this Whizzer A15 earphones review.

Whizzer A15 Earphones Review

In the Box


-Anti-dust dampers

-Forceps for switching anti-dust dampers

-Carrying case

-MMCX cable with built in piano-wire earhooks

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I was surprised to see the cable actually seems pretty durable. It is coated in what appears to be braided cotton. The MMCX connectors seems very sturdy and are relatively easy to snap off without having to put any stress on the cable. The ear hooks are coiled wire coated with a plasticy material and they bend and hold their shape well.

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Driver Housings

The driver housings are made of stainless steel. As a result they are a little cold to the touch but they seem more durable. After poking around on Amazon a bit, I noticed some negative reviews that after a few months of owning the earphones, some folks’ ear pieces stopped working. While mine are fine for now and sound great and seem durable, I thought it appropriate to mention those reviews.

Best Earphones Whizzer A15 Earphones


Overall, the Whizzer A15 earphones have a smiley-faced, V-shaped sound signature. The low frequencies are thick and robust, with good subby energy down by 30Hz. And while the low end feels big, it doesn’t detract from the the variety of genres that work well.  

The mid range has a scoop. There are cuts around 700Hz and 2.5kHz. However there are also boosts at 300Hz and 4kHz. As a result, bass guitars have a lot of energy and vocals are both strong and crisp.

I like the overall sound on most genres, although a boost at 8kHz and 11kHz makes for sometimes sibilant responses, particularly in music with female vocalists. Orchestral music also seemed to sound a little bit harsh when I was listening at high volumes.

Additionally, the earphones have a good sense of width and height. Their depth isn’t outstanding, but is subtly deep in the low-high frequencies.

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The biggest thing I took away from this Whizzer A15 earphones review is that they earphones sound really good, especially for the price. I like the variety of accessories included in the box and how durable everything seems to be. It is worth noting the potential issues based on customers’ experiences via their Amazon reviews, but so far I like the earphones a lot.

The Whizzer A15 earphones are available for the best price here:

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Whizzer A15 Earphones Best Earphones


-Frequency Response: 4Hz-20kHz

-Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW

-Maximum SPL: 107dB/mW

-Driver: 10 mm, dynamic

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