New Release iFi Groundhog Eliminates Hissing

iFi Groundhog

Nothing is more annoying than a persistent hiss rearing its dirty head in the middle of your music. But our friends at iFi have got the perfect quick fix. Introducing iFi Groundhog.

New Release iFi Groundhog Eliminates Hissing

The hiss caused between different interfaces is often a result of a missing connection. Due to electromagnetic compatibility regulations enforced by communications commissions, like the FCC, these standards are in place to ensure safe operation of these units by consumers. But in the end, your music ends up taking the hit thanks to interference caused by way of missing Ground/Earth connections.

iFi Groundhog

iFi Groundhog is designed to put that Ground/Earth connection safely back into your system resulting in a smoother and more pleasurable listening experience. Users simply need to use the IEC power cable (earth pin only to RCA male) connection to add the Groundhog to any audio system. The Groundhog then adds back the missing Ground/Earth connection so the unwanted noise is dissipated. It also adds a proper ground protection to block out EMI and RFI noise which in turn eliminates hisses and hums. As I mentioned earlier, iFi Groundhog can be used with any system. The kit includes three different adapters for you to do so including, an RCA base cable  for any audio system with an unused RCA socket, a USB converter for a computer audio system, a spade converter for power supplies with a DC barrel connector, and a 5mm Y-converter for portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection.

To note, iFi Groundhog does not improve issues caused by Earth/Ground loops which is interference caused by too many Ground/Earth connections.

iFi Groundhog will retail for $49 and be made available in mid-May.

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