New UNDEFEATED Beats Pill+ and BeatsX Earphones

UNDEFEATED Beats Pill+ and BeatsX Earphones

Beats launched a new line of speakers and headphone in collaboration with street style brand UNDEFEATED. Meet UNDEFEATED Beats Pill+ and BeatsX Earphones.

New ‘UNDEFEATED’ Beats Pill+ and BeatsX Earphones

The urban street chic brand is marked by a signature olive shade. Teaming up with Beats, UNDEFEATED Beats Pill+ and BeatsX earphones are covered in a special tiger camouflage pattern designed to represent “a badge of honor worn by those who live life on their own terms.” The pattern is accompanied by the UNDEFEATED logo in bright orange representing the bright orange lining sewn into U.S. Air Force and Navy Pilot jackets in 1960 to help them signal rescue teams when out in the field.

UNDEFEATED Beats Pill+ and BeatsX Earphones

The UNDEFEATED Beats Pill+ features the special print on the customized grill in addition to also gets its own customized linen case, an auto-locking carabiner, and a metal D-ring attached by a strong woven tag. UNDEFEATED BeatsX Earphones feature the UNDEFEATED logo emblazoned onto the in-line remote control. The cable is a stark shade of olive and the so is the beats logo embossed onto the black ear bud housing. BeatsX also includes its own linen-lined hard case styled in UNDEFEATED tiger camo.

UNDEFEATED Beats Pill+ and UNDEFEATED BeatsX Earphones are available at the Apple Store for $199 and $179.95, respectively.

This Beats by Dr. Dre and UNDEFEATED collaboration marks the second joint effort between the two popular bands. The first being in 2013.

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