Innovation Meets Style – New Wearhaus Beam Wireless In-Ear Headphones Share Music

Wearhaus Beam in-ear headphone

Back in 2014 the headphone startup company Wearhaus raised $250,000 on Kickstarter to bring their innovative Wearheaus Arc wireless over-ear heapdhone to life. This headphone was more than a form of technological expression. The Wearhaus Arc allows users to share music with other ARC headphones. Suddenly the isolated world of headphones was opened up into limitless possibilities by sharing music with friends in any setting.

Now the engineers at Wearhaus are back to break another barrier in the headphone world with the Wearhaus Beam in-ear wireless headphone. The Beam shares the same stylish look of the Arc with the customizable light ring and the ability to share playlists and music with other Wearhaus headphones. The big difference here is the Beam in-ear headphone is smaller and much more portable.

Wearhaus Beam Headphone featuring a customizable color ring

In addition to a customizable light ring and music sharing capabilities the Wearhaus Beam wireless in-ear headphone claims premium sound quality and up to 8 hours of use on a single charge. The Beam is built with a quality anodized aluminum housing and is in fact sweat proof making this headphone especially suited for daily workouts. And one of the best features of the Wearhaus Beam is the custom Wearhaus app for iOS and Android giving you full control of your headphone features.

The Wearhaus mobile app gives control to the Beam in-ear headphone

The Wearhaus Beam wireless in-ear headphone is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter with the lowest prices available for “early-bird” orders. The best prices are available in limited quantities so interested music lovers should think about ordering quickly. Estimated delivery is October 2017. As for the Wearhaus Arc over-ear wireless music sharing headphones, you can find the best price on Amazon


Wearhaus Beam in-ear wireless headphone with music sharing

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