Noble Audio Falcon TWS Review

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The Noble Audio Falcon had my attention when it was announced a short while ago.  Now I’ve got one in my clutches, aching for a review.  But can Noble keep its audiophile promise in true wireless form?  And how does the $156 Noble Falcon fit into the true wireless pecking order?

Noble Audio Falcon TWS Review

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The Falcon True Wireless comes in a snazzy box that holds the earphones, a charging case, a soft carrying pouch, a USB-C charging cable, and eartips.

Right off the bat, the first thing I notice about the Falcon is the size.  Even for a True Wireless earphone, this one feels a bit large.  But placed in my ear, it fits, though not in a low-profile kind-of-way.

Pairing is simple and easy, with no headaches.

Running on Bluetooth 5.0, the Falcon uses a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip and offers support for A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, SBC, AAC, and aptX codecs.

Battery life measures between 5.5 hours (at max volume) and 10 hours (if playing at 70% volume).  An additional 3 charge cycles are available through the case, pushing total battery life up to 40 hours.  The inclusion of USB-C charging allows for a 15-minute fast charge to yield 2 hours of playtime.

While the bulky fit may not be my favorite thing about the Falcon, it definitely gives this earphone an impression of quality.  In addition to the solid construction, this true wireless earphone also boasts an IPX7 sweat- and water-proof rating.

On the faceplate of each earpiece, a button allows for adjusting playback, volume, and taking or rejecting phone calls.  While functionality registers as fine, it’s the combination of the push-button controls and long nozzle that prove way too uncomfortable.  Every time you want to pause music or adjust volume, you have to push the control button.  This feels like you’re repeatedly jabbing yourself in the ear.  And the only way around this sensation is the slightly pull the earpiece out of your ear before pressing the button.

Taking and making phone calls with the Falcon seems easy enough, and I have no qualms with the sound quality or being heard by other people.

One-ear listening is possible with the Falcon, but doesn’t feel user-friendly, as users will be limited to using the left earpiece only (with no option to use the right).

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Noble Audio Falcon TWS Review – Sound Quality

Low End

There’s some okay detail in the lows on the Falcon TWS.  Bass guitars and drums feature enough growl and punch to bring the lows to life.  But there’s also some slam in this sound too.  Not enough to make the Falcon sound sloppy or uncontrolled, but just enough to give electronica, pop, and rock a little extra punch.  And the sub-bass ain’t nothing to scoff at either, with a deep, penetrating bedrock to tracks like DJ Shadow’s new gem, Slingblade.


Here you can get a full taste of Noble’s audiophile know-how, with a meticulous midrange that delivers excellent detail.  Vocals sound crisp and clean, and just slightly elevated above surrounding instrumentation.  Not enough so to feel exactly forward, but just slightly emphasized.  On tracks like Sweet Dreams by La Bouche, you get that hyper-focus pointed squarely at the lyrics.  But instrumentation doesn’t suffer here, and the Falcon remains just as competent if you’re going to bump some Charlie Parker or a Bach fugue.

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High End

In the high end, the Noble Falcon delivers a solid listening experience.  While just a shade bright, the sound never seems too harsh or piercing.  Instead, there’s just a slight bit of sparkle at play here, lending some extra magic to female vocals and instrumentation.  Tracks like How U Doin’ by Twice, or Brandy’s I Wanna Be Down, showcase this slight emphasis beautifully, with smooth female vocals floating over a thick, substantial low end.


Deep and wide, the soundstage here deserves some real kudos.  Despite the in-ear design, the Noble Audio Falcon still manages to sound pretty open.  Whether listening to slow jams or the new Max Richter joint, the Falcon delivers a wealth of space for any music to excel.

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Noble Audio Falcon TWS Review – Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Pros:  Great sound throughout the frequency range and good soundstage makes the Falcon TWS an audiophile’s dream come true.

Cons:  Large size and an annoying/painful fit may relegate this earphone to only the most die-hard audiophiles.

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Final Analysis

At $156, the Noble Audio Falcon TWS delivers a level of sound quality you just won’t find anywhere else.  Detailed beyond belief, with a solid soundstage to boot, this earphone delivers audacious audio for little price.  But the peculiar fit and push-button controls may ruffle too many feathers – at least in the non-audiophile crowd.

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