Noble Audio Kadence Review

Noble Audio Kadence

After mainly producing true wireless earphones like the Falcon Pro and the recent FoKus Pro, Noble Audio is once again making new universal IEMs shake up the market. One of their most notable recent additions to their catalog is the Kadence, a universal earphone for $1,599. This new 8 driver model looks to reestablish Noble as a major player that can compete with all the other high-end brands. Does it succeed with the Kadence?

Noble items

What You Get

  • Kadence IEMs
  • Pelican micro hard case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Drawstring pouch
  • Two Noble Audio rubber bands
  • Noble Audio logo sticker
  • Warranty Card
  • Ear tips
    • 3 pairs of foam
    • 3 pairs of silicone
    • 2 pairs of double flange

Noble single

Look and Feel

Noble Audio is known for its artistically designed casings and faceplates for its IEMs. The Kadence can be seen as a departure from their usual aesthetic. It is still a stylish and ergonomic build, but it is a lot more of a low-key design than the flashy fare they usually display. There is a black and white cloudy design in the background of a golden logo text. This is an elegant piece of artwork, but it is not quite as eye-catching as previous entries in Noble’s selection. The Kadence also possesses a larger body for its housing, and even for my big ears, the fit seemed a bit stretched out. It definitely didn’t feel uncomfortable though, and I was able to listen to the Kadence for many hours without major fatigue. I don’t think I would call the most comfortable IEM in this price range though.

Noble Cable


Eight balanced armatures made by Knowles and Sonion make up the driver system of the Kadence. Its stock cable is 8 core with 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm jack. The Kadence has an impedance of 35 Ohms.

Noble pair


The last IEM I tested for this price was the Sennheiser IE 900 and that earphone had an immaculate soundstage. Going into the Kadence it is easy to pass it off as underwhelming for its price, but that wouldn’t be doing this IEM justice. You might not get that vast spatial definition, but the Kadence can still be relied upon for transparency and clear stereo positioning. It plays with its traditional stereo spectrum with grace, as the Kadence is easily able to localize sound elements with a suitable amount of width that performs your tracks with an aura of realism. Nothing over-extends or even wrap around you for a holographic sensation. Instead, the Kadence plays its spatial field as straight-laced as they come, offering accurate imaging and enough layered separation to appreciate how each element works together.

Low End

With the more critical nature of its response, the timbre mainly reflects that notion in the bass region. Its tone comprises some rich vibrating textures, but mainly subdues itself for a leaner feel. The notes have some weight to them, but never take command of the sound signature, locking it in a more elegant and balanced smoothness. Nothing about its detail seems to be missing though. The bass comes seems to consistently come in as full and defined as it can, just don’t expect any significant slam here.


By far the most gripping and intense area of the frequency response here lies in the midrange of the Kadence. Its details start in the low mids and keep its drive well into the upper mids and treble. You can feel the power behind all of its spacious and intricate layers, giving the timbre a level of definition that makes this a particularly prestigious IEM. The Kadence sets out to highlight each and every aspect of its frequency response and results in an uncompromised level of fidelity. Instruments appear in their fullest form, and vocals portray themselves with a definitive stage in the mix that showcases every characteristic evenly.


Like the mids, the treble is almost as full and resolving in its timbre. There’s definitely a layer of brightness that coats some of its tone I never found it harsh or piercing. It mostly conveys its details naturally and with some extreme clarity. Certain elements extend with a colorful shimmer, while sparkly details paint the sound signature with a luscious texture. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me at least, the highs were plentiful and satisfyingly colorful.


With the Kadence, Noble Audio is back on my radar. At first, this IEM didn’t impress me much, but after the midrange detail really started to sink in I became enamored with its sound signature. The level of definition on display here feels like it is of the highest quality and something you only get from a select few IEMs in this range. Not everything about the Kadence outside of its sound signature is perfect, but as long as you’re not a huge bass-head, this IEM will be hard to put down once you hear it.

Pros  Cons
  • Accurate soundstage 
  • Balanced lows
  • Detailed mids
  • Colorful treble 
  • Good cable 
  • Large fit
  • Steep price

The Noble Audio Kadence is available at Audio46.

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