Hidizs Mermaid MM2 Review

Hidizs Mermaid MM2

We have yet another budget IEM that comes with a good level of hype. Products like the Moondrop Aria, Dunu Titan S, and Tripowin Mele have helped change the way we view more consumer-friendly earphones and the Hidizs Mermaid MM2 looks to join that camp. So what exactly can this $79 IEM really do?

Hidizs items

What You Get

-Hidizs MM2 Earphones*1
-Tuning Valve* 3 Pairs (Treble, Balanced, Bass)
-Single-Ended 3.5mm Earphone Cable*1
-Eartips*3 Pairs
-Leather Carrying Box 1*1
-User Manual*1
-Warranty Card*1

Hidizs Single

Look and Feel

The Mermaid MM2 has a look that no other IEM in this price range does. Their faceplates feature a cool three-dimensional geometry in a stylish silver lozenge. They also have a custom resin that makes up its ear cavity which ensures a more comfortable fit. Its filters are stuck right in the middle of the housing in each earphone that screws in with a few rotations. In terms of comfort, the MM2 can be worn for many hours and won’t cause much fatigue at all. I would place them as comfortable as the rest of these eighty-dollar IEMs that have come out in recent years.

Hidizs cable


In addition to its 10mm dynamic driver, the Mermaid MM2 also uses a 6mm low voltage magnetostatic balanced membrane. It uses an ultra-thin micron level diaphragm that aims to increase the velocity of its transient response. The stock cable is a quad-core OFC with 2-pin connectors.

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
Impedance: 18Ω@ 1kHz
Sensitivity: 104±1dB@1kHz

Hidizs Pair


There have been many IEMs that cost this price exactly that have strong soundstages and imaging. The Mermaid MM2 joins the club with its superb width and layering. From left to right the MM2 is able to display its stereo sound with a good sense of outward presence, making sound elements appear like they are performing past the earphone’s shell. Its headspace also expands headspace to form a more dimensional sonic environment, with a bit of wrap around that forms a semi-holographic field of sound. This is improved by how the MM2 stacks its layers to appear like it’s propagating the instruments, effects, and vocals from front to back. Not only does this give each frequency range its own space in the image to show clarity, but it also establishes a greater depth to the sound signature as a whole.

Low End

The main course of this sound profile is definitely the grand rumbly bass that gives the Mermaid MM2 a lively first impression. My first track is usually a generic pop or rock tune, and these IEMs made each track sound huge and impactful. The mid-bass punches with strong and defined emphasis grip you with ease and keep up consistent energy throughout its thick timbre. Sub-bass frequencies also help give the low-end some drive from underneath that adds a layer of vibration to its tonality. At points, it can feel like it’s crawling up from your throat. This is all without the bass filters that are included. I spent most of my listening time with the MM2 with the balanced filters in, as switching to the bass filters made the bass too boomy for my taste, although if you want to add some considerable warmth to the timbre then the filters will do that.


A good amount of drive from the low-mids somewhat echoes in parts of the midrange, and some detail is retained. It’s not quite a full shape, but the mids still command some solid space in the sound signature, not letting the power of the bass overtake its fidelity. There is something of a veil covering some of the upper mids, and it keeps the timbre from feeling completely defined in areas. Instruments and vocals are still performed with enjoyable clarity though, with each element balancing and mixing together naturally.


At times the treble can get a bit shouty, but these frequencies themselves never become too harsh. It’s nice to hear these highs extend themselves in a significant way to keep things interesting, but I can see their tone striking a nerve with some listeners. I like a bit of a bite with my treble so I was happy to get that feeling on the MM2. Otherwise, the highs here are nice, but they definitely have less amplification than the bass and mids. Using the treble filters does a good job of adding some greater height and airiness to the soundstage, but in terms of tone, it might be a bit of overcorrection.


You really can’t go wrong here for the price. With eighty dollars you can get an IEM that delivers excellent bass depth and a wide soundstage that is just a joy to listen to throughout your day. The interchangeable sound filters are neat, but I specifically took the issue to how the bass filters affected the clarity of the frequency response. Sticking with the balanced filters gave me enough of a good experience to recommend the Hidizs MM2 to anybody looking for a solid sound.

Pros Cons
·         Wide soundstage

·         Thick bass

·         Clear mids

·         Airy highs with treble filter

·         Good fit

·         Price

·         Bloated bass filters

The Hidizs Mermaid MM2 is available from LinsoulAliexpress, and Amazon.

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