Top 3 wired Earphones To Buy For The Samsung Galaxy S22

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22 in its multiple variations, Android is still proving itself to be a considerable option for audiophiles even with the removal of the headphone jack. We’ve been seeing the 3.5mm port less and less since its bold removal from the iPhone 7 all the way back in 2016. Since then, it has become more customary to remove the headphone jack from most modern smartphones, which can be quite annoying for some who prefer their wired earphones over Bluetooth headphones and true wireless. It has actually made wireless more of the norm for a wide range of consumers, as it has become the most efficient way to experience audio from your phone.

You see many people walking around with AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and some Sony XM series products in your everyday life, but there are those that still seek the quality wired earphones can deliver. There are also DAC dongles and other peripherals you can buy that will also upgrade your mobile audio experience, but to keep things simple we are going to recommend some USB Type C earphones that you can enjoy with your new Samsung Galaxy S22.

Strauss & Wagner EM8C

One of the best bang-for-your-buck options on this list, the EM8C has garnered acclaim for its sound, comfortability, and price point. They offer a nice thick bass while still preserving clarity in their sound signature. A nice full-sounding earphone with little to compromise. You also get a remote mic that can make clean phone calls and interact with your voice assistant features. Out of all the earphones on this list, the Strauss and Wagner EM8C might be the best value.

Available at Amazon and from Strauss & Wagner directly.

Believe it or not, the official Samsung earphone from AKG is quite good. It was definitely a smart decision to commence this partnership, as AKG has been a well-received brand in the audio world for many years. With these earphones, you’ll be able to get a more balanced sound, ensured by the manufacturer’s past experience in creating reference-level headphones. With the addition of the Type C connection, and remote-mic for only $30.99, this isn’t one to miss.

Available at Amazon

CoolMe Stage Magic

These earphones have the most features to offer outside of your usual sound, and comfort aspects. For only twenty-two bucks, you get a Type C earphone that brings over modern features like bass boost and even spatial audio functions for music listening as well as gaming. The Stage Magic is sort of a jack of all trades, and one that you might have the most fun with on this list.

It isn’t looking very likely that the headphone jack will ever return on mainline smartphones in the near future. Thankfully we have some great options to work with for those who prefer the wired experience. What is particularly notable here is the affordability of these options, welcoming more people to enjoy their smartphone audio how they want it.

Available at Amazon

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