Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

MajorHifi: Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Being an iPhone user, I usually stay clear of anything that says “Galaxy” on it. But my boss threw Samsung’s true wireless Buds in my face and told me to start cracking. We should really call them AKG Buds because that’s where the sound comes from. And this fact should perk up the ears of audiophiles across the globe. Do the Buds live up to AKG’s reputation of producing a clean, evenly balanced and accurate sound? And are they worth the price tag? Let’s explore what these things can do in this Samsung Galaxy Buds Review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

IN the BOX

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review


I was totally satisfied in this department. These little Buds are light, unobtrusive, and they fit perfectly in the contours of my ears. There’s a small ergonomic rubber tip (sizes interchangeable) that helps them seal completely against the ear. So, sound isolation is effective as well, and it actually beats a lot of the noise-cancelling earphones out there.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review


My Android friend (well, he’s barely human) paired the Buds with his Samsung phone, and within seconds his eyes lit up because things were downloading and fireworks were happening. But being an iPhone user myself, I’ll never be able to discover the true magic of the Buds. So, here are the main features and functions offered to non-Android users:

Pairing to any Bluetooth device was fast and simple, and I didn’t have to press any buttons. Just open the charging case, and it will go into pairing mode. After you pair the Buds to your device the first time, they’ll automatically connect every time you take them out of the charging case.

Tiny touchpads on the sides of the shells allow you to play/pause, skip conduct calls and activate your voice assistant. Unfortunately, the Buds don’t offer volume control. But hey, neither do the AirPods. Call clarity is primo on these earphones, and perhaps one of the best I’ve ever tested on a pair of true wireless earphones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

The Buds offer 6 hours of usage at a time, with an extra 7 hours of charge with the charging case. So, the total battery life is less than impressive, considering that the Apple AirPods offer 24 hours of total usage with the charging case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

The Buds charge with a USB-C connection.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

The Buds boast an IPX2 waterproof rating, which isn’t much. But it means the Buds will be able to withstand a little sweat or a splash here and there.

You also have the option of downloading the Galaxy Wearable app, which allows you to view connection status, check battery percentage and manage notifications and settings.



The bass is very AKGish. That is it’s clean and on the more neutral end. At the same time, the bass had enough punch to do justice to pop and funk. And it had tons of dry grip, adding to the tightness of the track. You can also expect great separation for a wireless pair of buds in this price range, without any cloudiness or bleeding into the higher frequencies. For 130 bucks, this is also a very detailed headphone. Strings in this range had a decent level of texture and substance. And generally, acoustic instruments are transparent enough to be suitable for classical and jazz music as well.


AKG stays true to its name in this range too. Present and even mids give big rock and pop-rock tracks a sweeping, expansive feel. And the bass avoids overpowering the low mids, so it’s a really tidy sound. Acoustic guitar strums in the lower mids, for example, are well delineated, and snare drums have a clean edginess that gives the track plenty of snap.


No surprises here either. You’ll get light and crispy highs, which add to the funk of poppy tracks. And classical fans will appreciate the level of clarity when listening to strings. The Buds can sound a little bright when you compare it to a bassier model, like the RHA TrueConnect. So, there are more forgiving sound signatures available on the market. But if you like your highs to sparkle, then the Buds are a great fit.


A grand soundstage for the price point. Although you won’t hear much dimension (like depth or height), the tidy separation adds to the spaciousness of the soundscape. Just don’t expect a 3D experience.


This is a classic AKG sound signature in an adorable and liberating little package. Clean and well-balanced, these Buds are perfect for those who listen to all kinds of genres. And I have to admit, it’s one of the best sounding true wireless earphones I’ve ever tested under $150. Combine this with great call clarity, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic bang for your buck. iPhone users, don’t be scared.

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