Audeze Announces the LCD-GX

Okay, my little gamers. Get ready to pee your pants with pure joy. Audeze Announces the LCD-GX. What is it? Oh, nothing special. Just an unprecedented gaming headphone that offers unprecedented sound. Audeze has combined its magnesium construction with patented Fluxor magnets and ridiculously thin Uniforce diaphragms to deliver astonishing immersion and transient response. Being shot by zombies will now mess you up for life.

Audeze Announces the LCD-GX

Audeze Announces the LCD-GX

LCD Planar Magnetic Driver

The GX’s advanced LCD planar magnetic driver are two to four times the size found in other gaming headphones. That’s right, kids. Throw your tiny cans with your tiny drivers into the audiophile recycling bin. The GX delivers vastly superior attack and bass response. And these cans aren’t just for gaming. If you decide to put down your joystick and get some work done, the GX is also ideal for monitoring, mixing and editing audio.

Long-Lasting Comfort

The LCD-GX is handcrafted in Audeze’s California factory, sporting memory foam ear pads and a weight-reducing suspension headband design for long-lasting comfort. And when I say long lasting, I mean marathon gaming sessions with Poland Spring bottles (filled with mysterious yellow liquid) scattered around your living room.

Audeze Announces the LCD-GX

LCD Series Cable

The detachable microphone cable includes a mute button for when you want to curse out your opponent. It also has a flexible gooseneck arm, which allows customized positioning to ensure the optimal angle when communicating with your online buddies. In addition, Audeze throws in a standard LCD series headphone cable for use without the mic, and a splitter for the separate mic and headphone signals. You’ll also get a foam pop filter to further reduce unwelcome noise and improve voice clarity.

MajorHifi: Audeze Announces the LCD-GX

When and Where To Find It

The Audeze LCD-GX will start shipping in July 2019 and will retail for $899. You can get it from Amazon or any authorized dealer. For more info about the Audeze LCD-GX, follow Audeze on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to Audeze on Youtube to see demonstrations of their products. And if you can’t be bothered with social media, just visit