Meet Optoma EH504WIFI Wireless Projector

Optoma EH504WIFI

Optoma, a world leading designer and manufacturer of projection and audio products for business, education, professional audio/video equipment, and home entertainment has just announced their newest product. Meet Optoma EH504WIFI Projector.

Optoma EH504WIFI Projector

Optoma is known for their products which combine superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering and innovation to deliver stunning crystal clear images with ultimate reliability. The same can be said for the Optoma EH504WIFI which can do all of the above, wirelessly.

EH504WIFI is a full HD 1080p professional installation projector, offering a brightness of 5000 lumens, crystal clear images, clear enough to be used in venues ranging from small conference rooms and lecture halls to large houses of worship and museums. The projector is equipped with a large zoom range, vertical lens shift, and a built-in geometric adjustment feature which makes it for placement even on an uneven wall. Thanks to a screen mirroring feature, the screen can be shared in 4-way split screen presentation.This feature allows the moderator to determine who can share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Exel spreadsheets, videos, and images from a number of different devices since Optoma EH504WIFI are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, with the use of the Conference Control feature the moderator is able to pass full control of the session to any attendee or immediately remove someone from the session without disrupting the presentation session. Pretty Cool!

Optoma EH504WIFI projector is currently available for inventory orders at through the company’s marketing department.