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The Best Portable DAC Dongles For Android

Bluetooth headphones and wireless earbuds are dominating a significant portion of the market today. You see them everywhere, from casual streetwear, sportswear, and gaming...

TForce Yuan Li IEM Review

With the increase in popularity of "ChiFi" IEMs, more listeners get to save money on an audiophile sound. We've taken a look at a...

Ikko Meteor OH1 Review

A little while ago I reviewed a pair of IEMs called the OH10 Obsidian from a manufacturer called Ikko. I was excited to get...
Periodic Audio with phone

Periodic Audio Rhodium Portable DAC Review

Many might think that there aren’t a huge amount of selections in terms of DAC/Amps for your smartphone. Some can Frankenstein together a USB...
BGVP Main 2


Sometimes we get caught into the hype of the big brands that the small ones get swept under the rug. We’ve tried to cover...
TinHiFi T5

Tin HiFi T5 Review

The “ChiFi” phenomena has been cropping up in the audiophile world, with new and past releases that might have been swept under the rug...

FiiO M5 Review

I have an iWatch. And when I go for a run (let’s just pretend that I run), it’s nice to be able to control...

MajorHiFi Gold Awards 2018-2019

At MajorHiFi, we’re a mixed bag. Some of us like our sound signatures to be warm. Others prefer it clear and bright.  And for...
Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphone Review MajorHiFi

Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphone Review: Hi-Fi For The Home

Klipsch is a well-known name in loudspeakers and headphones so it's no wonder that today I have the pleasure to glimpse an all-new headphone...

strauss and Wagner em205

Campfire Audio Fathom In-Ear Montiors

Strauss & Wagner Cologne 2-pin upgrade cable

iBasso DX260 Digital Audio Player

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