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Revols Custom Fit Earbuds

Revols Custom Fit Earbuds in 60 Seconds

Revols custom fit earbuds use Bluetooth technology to create your personalized headphones in a minute flat! Revols Custom Fit Earbuds in 60 Seconds Technology can seemingly...

DACportable: Listen to Music Everywhere

Get the most out of your music with DACportable - a tiny device helping to deliver a whole lot of sound. DACportable: Listen to Music...
MOOR Industries Headphones

MOOR Industries Headphones: Smart Listening Device

This cable-free over-ear headphone is also a smart watch. Meet Moor Industries headphones Smart Listening Device. MOOR Industries Headphones: Smart Listening Device Created by a student...

Futuristic Much? Human Inc Sound Wireless Headphones

These headphones look like they are from a futuristic sci-fi flick. Meet Human Inc Sound wireless headphones - modeled off the human ear. They...
iam EPs

New Release: iam EPs Bluetooth Headphones

Apple Inc. has just released a pair of vinyl-inspired headphones with singer and rapper - meet iam EPs ( EP+) Bluetooth headphones. New Release:...
Nura Headphones

Updated: Demoing Nura, Over-Ear & In-Ear Headphones That Adapt to Your Hearing

Update 10/03/2017: Nuraphones (Nura headphones), known for calibrating your hearing profile and providing musical playback tailored just for you, are currently available for $399....

Audeze EL-8 Open Back Review

The Audeze EL-8 comes in a couple different variations.  A titanium version with the ability to play 24-bit music via a digital connection made...
Westone UM-Pro 50 Review

Westone UM-Pro 50 Review

The Westone UM Pro 50 is over two years old, but continues to impress listeners with a unique sound.  At a price of $649, though,...

Fly Lufthansa & Receive HARMAN AKG N60 NC Headphones

European travelers book your next vacay with Lufthansa and get a pair of aviation-certified HARMAN AKG N60 NC noise-cancelling headphones. Lufthansa and HARMAN AKG N60...

Fostex TR-80 80 ohm Review

New to the headphone scene, the Fostex TR-80 comes in two different variations:  an 80-ohm version and a 250-ohm version.  But today I'm sitting down...
Intel USB-C

Intel USB-C vs. Apple Lightning Jack

In the battle for headphone jack domination, only one can win! Intel USB-C vs. Apple Lightning Jack. Who will come out on top? Intel USB-C...
Beyonce Headphones from Lemonade

Meet Pryma: The Beyonce Headphones from Lemonade

This is your chance to feel closer to Bey or at least look like her... kinda! Meet Pryma, the Beyonce headphones from Lemonade. Pryma, The...

strauss and Wagner em8c

THIEAUDIO Oracle MKII Electrostatic In-Ear Monitor

audio46 ddhifi ad


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