Razer Reveals Their First Pair Of IEMs Made For Gaming

Hearing good audio is essential for any medium, especially video games. Certain companies have made gaming headphones that aren’t the best for music, and vice versa. In-ear monitors for gaming have become more prevalent recently with efforts like the Final Audio VR300 to name a few. Razer is no stranger to gaming paraphernalia, and now it seems they’re looking to get serious with the announcement of their first-ever IEMs.

The Moray promises high game audio and streaming standards, with unparalleled sound quality checked by leading audio experts. These new IEMs are also THX-certified, sporting a hybrid dual-driver acoustic design. With this configuration, Razer hopes to ensure high-frequency clarity through its single-balanced armature, and detailed bass from its dynamic driver.

Everything about the appearance of the Moray resembles quality IEMs from the likes of other brands like Moondrop, KZ, or ThieAudio. Its ergonomic design puts a spotlight on comfort for lengthy gaming sessions and casual listening. Razer also seeks to provide superior passive noise isolation along with its snug fit. With the Moray, Razer hopes to keep you locked in to deliver the most immersion possible without outside distractions or fatigue, blocking out -36dB of noise.  The Moray also comes with a premium braided MMCX cable.

Releasing a full-fledged IEM is quite a surprising move for a company like Razer. Their push to provide better sound quality for gamers on a more mass-market scale is admirable. Hopefully, this can become more of a trend in other mainstream gaming brands in the future, recognizing the importance of uncompromised sound quality. At $129, the Moray is placed at a good entry-level IEM to make it available to as big of an audience as possible.

You can find the Razer Moray available to purchase here.

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