Route 8 Jacket Is an Air Purifier with Wireless Earbuds and More

Route 8 Jacket Air Purifier Wireless Earbuds

This jacket is no joke. I’m pretty sure you can survive a zombie apocalypse in it. Meet Route 8 jacket with an air purifier, wireless earbuds, and much more.

Route 8 Jacket

Styled like that of a utilitarian army jacket, Route 8 reaches about mid thigh and is loaded with pockets for storing all of your electronics. The exterior of the pockets are layered with a clear touch film allowing wearers to use their mobile device while its in storage. But that is just one of the 14 cool features built into this one article of clothing. There’s also an air mask, breathable pocket, and portable purifier for all of your clean air needs.

Offices, work spaces, and public transportation are filled with viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, and unwanted smells. However, Route 8’s built-in mask and portable purifier will help you breathe cleaner air. Side note, IMHO I feel Route 8 would be an ideal New York City commuter jacket. New Yorkers are often hopping from train to car to taxi and I can only imagine the degree of exposure received? The purifier, though small, works to clean the particles in the air quickly and effectively. The small unit can deliver 2 liters of clean air per minute. So awesome!

Route 8 Jacket Air Purifier Wireless Earbuds

Now tack on the fact that Route 8 also comes with music playing abilities and yup totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse! The earbuds are Bluetooth 4.1 and noise cancelling capable. They are designed to hug your ear for a secure fit using silicone tips. The buds have a battery life of up to 4 hours and deliver surround sound quality. A portable charging case is also included.Sweet!

If you aren’t sold just yet, let me explain what other features are included. Route 8 is fashioned with a┬átravel pillow, stylus pen, passport pocket, sunglasses pocket, iPad pocket, hand-warming pocket, a mesh storage pocket, thumb hole and visor.

Route 8 is available in white and black and is currently retailing via Indiegogo for $169. The multipurpose jacket will ship to backers in December 2016.

Route 8 Jacket Air Purifier Wireless Earbuds

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