Gangster Headphones Are Built Tough

These over-ear cans are quite “G.” Inspired by the difficult pasts of their¬†founders, Gangster headphones are wireless, stylish, and tough.

Gangster Headphones Are Built Tough

The headphones have a strikingly similar look to Beats, but with a bit more edge. The Limited Gold Edition, available through a Kickstarter campaign, displays a gold and pearly exterior with the Gangster logo on the outside of the ear cups in white. The inside of the headband features a white cushion that coordinates with the white on-ear cushions. P.S. These leather ear cushions are waterproof – designed specifically for those who want to sport these tough yet sleek headphones while taking on extreme sport activities. The hinges are just as tough as they are comprised of aluminum. The overall frame is waterproof, shockproof, snowproof, and dustproof.

Gangster Headphones

Gangster is wireless so it features a multifunction button, volume controls, and the ability to navigate through your playlists. It can do so once paired with your smart device using Bluetooth 4.1 technology which should maintain a quality connection up to 10 meters from the paired device.

When it comes to audio, Gangster uses 40mm stereo drivers to reach a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hertz to deliver what they call “premium sound.” Users can expect to enjoy up to 15 hours of this premium sound as music playback or talk time from one full charge which takes 1-2 hours.

Gangster headphones are available on Kickstarter now for $99. The headphones will ship with two different cables, a 6″ USB charging cable (available for both iPhone and Android) and a double-sided male audio jack cable, in addition to an official Gangster bandana.

Also, five percent of all purchases are donated to Gangster’s profit which benefits the Youth of America. So be a real “G” and simultaneously score a sexy pair of headphones while doing a little philanthropy.

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